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1BFA504 Semester 1, 2021Assignment 3 Weighting30%Due Date7th June 2021 @ 11.59PMIndividual assignment The final assignment is comprised of two parts. #DescriptionRequired SubmissionsMarks1.Attainment of Xero AdvisorCertification1.PDF Certificate2.Screen recording of login andcompletion302.Essay QuestionWord or PDF Document70100 Part 1: Attainment of Xero Advisor Certification (30%)15% of assignment 3 is based on the attainment of the Xero Advisor Certification. The Xero AdvisorCertification comprises of 12 modules that is suggested to take 6 hours to complete (inclusive ofreading, studying and completing the assessments). You can access the Xero Advisor Certification byclicking here and then logging in with your Xero account details.Once you complete your Xero Advisor Certification you will receive a PDF certificate from Xero with yourname and the date of completion. Click here to view an example of the certificate. You are to uploadthis certificate in the Assignment 3 Dropbox link. You are also required to upload a screen recording ofyour Xero Central login screen. The recording should show the following: i.)ii.)iii.)The whole browser with the URL must be visibleYou loggin in with your UTAS student emailNavigate to the “Xero Advisor Certification” (Choose a learning programme > Xero advisorcertification) If you’ve completed Xero advisor certification then it should show as “Completed”. If you haven’tcompleted it then it will show as “In Progress”. If you have submitted the required evidence that provesyou have completed the Xero Advisor Certification, then you will receive the full 30% for part 1 ofassignment 3.If you haven’t then your 30% will be calculated based on the number of modules completed. E.g., if youcompleted 6 of the 12 (50%) modules then you will receive 50% of the 30 being 15. In the video youneed to show all the modules of the certification so we can determine the total number of modulescompleted. An “In Progress” module will be counted as .5 of a module.You can use Zoom > Share Screen > Record to record you screen.2The reason for requiring you to record your Xero Central login is that the certificate can be forged.However, a website is much more difficult to fake. Examples of required submissions can be foundbelow:1. Example of Xero Adviser Certificate2. Example of Video Recording of Completion of Xero Adviser Certificate (If you have completedthe certificate)3. Example of Video Recording of Incomplete Xero Adviser Certificate (If you haven’t completedthe certificate)If there is no video upload then you will not zero marks for Part 1. If there are required parts of thevideo that are missing then you will receive partial marks depending on the extent of the missinginformation.Part 2: Research Essay (70%)Xero is advertised as a software that leverages machine learning. Some have argued that Xero’sutilization of new technologies will replace human bookkeepers.Required:Using a research essay format, critically evaluate the above statements. Key questions that your essaycould address are:i.) What is machine learning? (Bear in mind that there are various definitions of machinelearning. Students could discuss these various definitions or choose one and discuss why theybelieve that this definition is authoritative) ii.)Does Xero use machine Learning? (Some have argued that some companies say they usenew technologies such as AI and machine learning but this is not actually true. That is somecompanies use these terms as marketing techniques. Is this the case for Xero?)How does Xero use machine learning? Provide examples using your own experience usingXero. For instance, working with the Xero links during this unit. E.g. Xero Live ElectricalDo you believe that machine learning and other emerging technologies used by Xero willreplace human bookkeepers?As an aspiring accountant how does the increasing automation of accounting make youiii.)iv.)v.) feel? (Does it make you afraid that your job might be replaced by a computer? Are you notafraid because you’re confident with your computer skills?)The questions are indicative and not exhaustive. You also don’t have to address all these questions. Thesequestions are merely meant as guides. Feel free to interpret the questions in a manner that you believebest reflects the key themes of the essay being technology, automation and change. It is expected thatessays should be within the range of 1,500 to 2,000 words. The essay must be properly referenced.Harvard and APA referencing styles are encouraged. The essay is to be submitted as either a Word or PDFdocument on the same link as the PDF certificate and video in Part 1 of this assignment: Assignment 3Dropbox linkA rubric for the essay can be found on the next page3Assignment 3 Rubric Criteria%ExpertProficientApprenticeNoviceIntegration ofknowledge20The essay demonstrates thestudent fully understandsand has applied conceptslearned in the unit.Concepts are integratedinto the student’s owninsights. The studentprovides concludingremarks that show analysisand synthesis of ideas.The essay demonstratesthat the student, for themost part, understands andhas applied conceptslearned in the unit. Some ofthe conclusions, however,are not supported in thebody of the paper.The essay demonstratesthat the student, to acertain extent,understands and hasapplied concepts learnedin the unit.The essay does notdemonstrate that thestudent has fullyunderstood, and appliedconcepts learned in theunit.Topic focus15The topic is focusednarrowly enough for thescope of this assignment. Athesis statement providesdirection for the essay,either by statement of aposition or hypothesis.The topic is focused butlacks direction. The essay isabout a specific topic, butthe student has notestablished a position.The topic is too broad forthis assignment.The topic is not clearlydefined.Demonstration ofXerounderstanding30The essay demonstrates thestudent’s deepunderstanding andengagement with therelevant aspects of Xero toanswer the essayquestion(s) through the useof excellent examples fromXero to illustrate theirpoints.The essay demonstratesthat the student for themost part, understands andhas engaged with therelevant aspects of Xero toanswer the essayquestion(s). However, theexamples did notdemonstrate a deepunderstanding of Xero.The essay demonstratesthat the student, to acertain extent, understandand has engaged with therelevant aspects of Xero toanswer the question(s).Most of the exampleswere not relevant to theessay question(s).The essay demonstratesthat the student doesnot understand Xero asthe student has not usedany examples from theirwork/practice with Xero.Cohesiveness15Ties together informationfrom all sources. Paperflows from one issue to thenext without the need forFor the most part, tiestogether information fromall sources. Paper flowswith only someSometimes ties togetherinformation from allsources. Paper does notflow – disjointedness isDoes not tie togetherinformation. Paper doesnot flow and appears tobe created from 4 headings. Student’s writingdemonstrates anunderstanding of therelationship amongmaterials obtained from allsources.disjointedness. Author’swriting demonstrates anunderstanding of therelationship amongmaterial obtained from allsources.apparent. Student’swriting does notdemonstrate anunderstanding of therelationship amongmaterial obtained from allsources.disparate issues.Headings are necessaryto link concepts. Writingdoes not demonstrateunderstanding anyrelationships.Spelling &Grammar10No spelling &/or grammarmistakes.Minimal spelling &/orgrammar mistakes.Noticeable spelling &grammar mistakes.Unacceptable number ofspelling and/or grammarmistakes.Sources5More than 5 currentsources, of which at least 3are peer reviewed journalarticles or scholarly books.Sources include bothgeneral backgroundsources and specializedsources. Special-interestsources and popularliterature areacknowledged as such ifthey are cited. All web sitesutilized are authoritative.5 current sources, of whichat least 2 are peer-reviewjournal articles or scholarlybooks. All web sites utilizedare authoritative.Fewer than 5 currentsources, or fewer than 2 or5 are peer-reviewedjournal articles or scholarlybooks. All web sitesutilized are credible.Fewer than 5 currentsources, or fewer than 2of 5 are peer-reviewedjournal articles orscholarly books. Not allweb sites utilized arecredible, and/or sourcesare not current.Citations5Cites all data obtained fromother sources. Appropriatecitation style is used in bothtext and bibliography.Cites most data obtainedfrom other sources. APAcitation style is used in bothtext and bibliography.Cites some data obtainedfrom other sources.Citation style is eitherinconsistent or incorrect.Does not cite sources.


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