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Due: by 11:59pm EST on Sunday at the end of Unit 4 Late submissions will notbe accepted.Midterm-Essay QuestionsYour assignment will be to submit your answers to the following five (5) questions.Please identify which answers are in response to which questions. Please useinformation from the readings and resources provided in the first three units of thecourse to support your responses.1. Two well known athletes who are considered the best in the world are about to compete.Athlete A knows that Athlete B used a substance regularly for two years and stopped amonth ago. Today the drug is illegal. Athlete A goes to the police and reports theprevious illegal activity to get Athlete B jailed to miss the competition and secure a winfor Athlete A without even competing. What are the criminal law implications here andwill Athlete A be successful with the plan? Your answer should list any pertinent rulesand then apply them to the situation. (20 Points)2. An undercover officer approaches a man in a bar and says, “Can I hire you to killsomeone for me?” The man replies? How much are you paying? The officer responds$10,000. He gives him the target information and agreed to pay him upon completion.The target is another police officer. As the man attempts to kill the target, police swoopin and arrest the would be hit man. Discuss and explain whether this is acceptable orunacceptable police work. Then, describe what, if any, defenses are available to the hitman. (20 points)3. John is driving his sports car on the interstate at 65 MPH, while a friend is hanging ontothe roof of the car. They are allegedly practicing because they both want to be stuntmen.Of course, the friend looses his grip, falls off the car and is killed. John is arrested andcharged with Involuntary Manslaughter in the death. As John’s attorney, can you explainhow the prosecution will demonstrate his Mens Rea or mental state at the time of theincident. You may use the Model Penal Code to explain your answer. (20 points)4. Please provide the list of the core felonies which are 5 felonies against persons and 4felonies against property. (20 points)5. Discretion is an important part of the criminal justice system. Please identify those areaswhere discretion is used and explain why it is or is not a useful tool. (20 points)CRJ209 – Criminal LawMidterm ExamStudents: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your Midterm will be evaluated,before you write, and again after you write.Evaluation Rubric for Midterm EssaysThe rubric below will be used to evaluate the response for each question posedabove in the Midterm Essay Questions section. Each response will be scored basedon 20 points. The total maximum score for this 5 question Midterm Essay exam is100 points. PerformanceAreaNoviceProficientExemplaryQuestionComprehension&ResponseEvidenceFails to address thequestion ordemonstrates aninadequate or partialgrasp of the question.Does not incorporatepertinent informationfrom readings andresources within thecourse.0-6 pointsDemonstrates anadequateunderstanding ofthe question.Incorporates someinformation fromreadings andresources withinthe course, but notin an overlythorough manner.7-8 pointsDemonstrates anaccurate andcompleteunderstanding ofthe question.Incorporatespertinent detailsfrom readings andresources within thecourse, providingevidence for keyclaims whenneeded.9-10 pointsClarity ofWritingSignificant problemswith clarity, concision,and organization,making theinformation presenteddifficult tocomprehend.Response containssignificantgrammatical,capitalization, spelling,or punctuation errors.0-3 pointsPresentsinformation fairlyclearly andconcisely, mayhave minororganizationproblems.Response containssome grammatical,capitalization,spelling, orpunctuation errors.4 pointsPresents answerclearly andconcisely, and in anorganized manner.Response are wellwritten with nogrammatical,capitalization,spelling, orpunctuation errors.5 pointsAPA Formattingand CitationsUse of APA style wasunacceptable withmajor errors.0-3 pointsUse of APA stylewas acceptablewith few errors.4 pointsUse of APA stylewas acceptable withno errors or veryminor errors.5 points


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