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DEN301 – Virtual Systems and ServicesAssessment 2 – Group technical reportOverviewIn this assessment, you need to demonstrate your understanding of managing different componentsof virtualisation. Specifically, you need to produce a technical report addressing the requirementslisted below.Important information• Please include SISTC’s assessment cover page at the beginning of the submitted work• This assessment weighs 40% of your final grade• The due date of this assessment is Sunday 11pm Week 12• Submitting your work late will attract a 10% reduction of mark for each day beyond the duedate. A delay of more than 5 days will result in being granted a 0• The whole report should be 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding personal reflection discussionsand references. You need to submit a word version of your report to Moodle.• It is recommended that you plan time appropriately and start your assessment early whichwill give you time to gain feedback from your lecturerOnly one of your group members needs to submit. Include all of your group members’ information onthe cover page.Learning Outcomes AssessedThe following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task:LO1. Analyse the benefits of network and storage virtualisation is, and what benefits it can offer inthe provision of IT services;LO3. Explore, in a practical way, and report on the services offered by one or more virtualisationproducts;LO4. Evaluate alternative virtualisation technologies that suit a given set of requirements;LO5. Understand and evaluate requirements for effective Virtual Machine (VM) management;LO6. Identify and evaluate the requirements to create and to manage a virtual infrastructure;Assessment SpecificationEmbracing the trend of virtualisation, the CEO of SISTC consults with you on how to move the School’sservices to a virtualisation environment. Currently, SISTC aims to convert its three classes’ teachingservices, facility management service, staff management service, and finance service into a virtualenvironment as a pilot experiment. Each of these services shall be converted to one individual virtualmachine. SISTC has already acquired a host server. The details are illustrated in the below table.Table 1. The configuration of host server OSCPUMemoryStorageSwitch enabledLinux16 CPU with quadcore64GB8TB


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