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H5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 1 2018Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines08This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor.This assessment is designed to improve student research and writing skills and to givestudents experience in researching the literature on a topic relevant to the Unit of Studysubject matter, critically analyzing current academic papers then presenting results andfindings in a referenced written report.Students will be able to:a. interpret and critique a variety of project management methodologies including bothtraditional and agile approaches;b. interpret user requirements and project management related data and makeappropriate recommendations within a project context;c. analyse and evaluate the role of the modern project manager including ethical, socialand cultural issues in the context of IT projects;Purpose of theassessment (withULO Mapping)TrimesterT1 2021Unit CodeHI5029Unit TitleIS Project ManagementAssessment TypeIndividual AssignmentAssessment TitleAssessment 3, Research PaperWeight40% of the total assessmentsTotal Marks40%Word limit2500-3000 wordsDue Date• 3a Draft week 8• 3b Research Paper week 13SubmissionGuidelines• AllworkmustbesubmittedonBlackboardbytheduedatealongwithacompletedAssignment Cover Page.• TheassignmentmustbeinMSWordformat,1.5spacing,11-ptCalibri(Body)font and2cmmarginsonallfoursidesofyourpagewithappropriatesectionheadings.• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the endin a reference list using Harvard referencing style. H5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 2Academic IntegrityHolmes Institute is committed to ensuring and upholding Academic Integrity, as Academic Integrity is integralto maintaining academic quality and the reputation of Holmes’ graduates. Accordingly, all assessment tasksneed to comply with academic integrity guidelines. Table 1 identifies the six categories of Academic Integritybreaches. If you have any questions about Academic Integrity issues related to your assessment tasks, pleaseconsult your lecturer or tutor for relevant referencing guidelines and support resources. Many of these resourcescan also be found through the Study Sills link on Blackboard.Academic Integrity breaches are a serious offence punishable by penalties that may range from deduction ofmarks, failure of the assessment task or unit involved, suspension of course enrolment, or cancellation of courseenrolment.Table 1: Six categories of Academic Integrity breaches PlagiarismReproducing the work of someone else without attribution. When astudent submits their own work on multiple occasions this is knownas self-plagiarism.CollusionWorking with one or more other individuals to complete anassignment, in a way that is not authorised.CopyingReproducing and submitting the work of another student, with orwithout their knowledge. If a student fails to take reasonableprecautions to prevent their own original work from being copied,this may also be considered an offence.ImpersonationFalsely presenting oneself, or engaging someone else to present asoneself, in an in-person examination.Contract cheatingContracting a third party to complete an assessment task,generally in exchange for money or other manner of payment.Data fabrication andfalsificationManipulating or inventing data with the intent of supporting falseconclusions, including manipulating images. Source: INQAAHE, 2020H5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 3Assignment Description:You are expected to complete a critique and conduct a literature review to discuss a contemporaryissue which an IS professional may experience and identify appropriate approaches to address thisissue. The topic is “The effects of Project Management Information Systems on decisionmaking”. You need to search in the literature and find at least ten (10) academic research papers(references) related to this topic. (Academic papers can be found in ProQuest. ProQuest instruction canbe found in below. Please contact Liberian if you have further question).A draft of the research paper (key points/headings) will be submitted in session 8 whereby each groupcan receive feedback. Then each group should submit the final research paper in the Blackboard bysession 13.ProQuest login:Go to: http://www.holmes.edu.au/ > Login > ProquestUSERNAME: holmes2004PASSWORD: holmesThe final report submission structure is as follow:What you need to submit for final submission:1. Assignment File: You need to submit the final version of your assignment in session 13. Thefinal submission must comply with the draft structure and draw heavily from the keyreferences. The structure of the final submission is headings and in discussion critically analyseeach reference and discuss how these references reflecting the topic.REPORT STRUCTURE:Ø Introduction: State the purpose and objectives of the report.H5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 4Ø Discussion: Discuss the references and critically analyse them and discuss how theyreflect the topic.Ø Conclusion: Summarise your findings, consolidating and drawing attention to the mainpoints of the report.Ø Referencing: reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listedappropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.2. Academic References: The academic papers and references that are used in the assignmentneed to be posted on BB along with your assignment file (in PDF files).Assignment will be marked ZERO if does not include references files.PLEASE NOTE:• All assignments must be submitted electronically ONLY, uploaded to Blackboardand Submission of SafeAssign. Submission deadlines are strictly enforced and a latesubmission incurs penalties.• DO NOT SHARE YOUR ASSIGNMENT WITH OTHER STUDENTS under nocircumstances even after the deadline and after you submitted it in the Blackboard oreven after you have marked. If there will be any similarity detected by SafeAssign orthe marker, it is an academic misconduct case and BOTH of the students will not bemarked and reported to the institution for further investigation.• Your document should be a single word or OpenOffice document containing yourreport.• All submissions will be submitted through the safeAssign facility in Blackboard.Submission boxes linked to SafeAssign will be set up in the Units Blackboard Shell.Assignments not submitted through these submission links will not be considered.• Submissions must be made by the due date and time (which will be in the sessiondetailed above) and determined by your Unit coordinator. Submissions made afterthe due date and time will be penalized per day late (including weekend days)according to Holmes Institute policies.• The SafeAssign similarity score will be used in determining the level, if any, ofplagiarism. SafeAssign will check conference web-sites, Journal articles, the Weband your own class members submissions for plagiarism. You can see yourSafeAssign similarity score (or match) when you submit your assignment to theappropriate drop-box. If this is a concern you will have a chance to change yourH5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 5assignment and resubmit. However, resubmission is only allowed prior to thesubmission due date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed yourassignment will be graded as late. Submitted assignments that indicate a high levelof plagiarism will be penalized according to the Holmes Academic Misconductpolicy, there will be no exceptions. Thus, plan early and submit early to takeadvantage of the resubmission feature. You can make multiple submissions, butplease remember we grade only the last submission, and the date and time yousubmitted will be taken from that submission. Marking CriteriaWeightingDraft5 marksPresentation quality5 marksReport structure, Layout, Grammar and spelling, Written style and expression5 marksQuality of evaluation and critically exploring the references15 marksRecommendations and justification5 marksReferencing5 marksTOTAL Weight for this assignment marking40 marks H5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 6Marking Rubrics GradesExcellentVery GoodGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryPresentationProfessionalpresentation withexcellent writingskillsProfessionalpresentation withvery good writingskillsProfessionalpresentationwith goodwriting skillsProfessionalpresentation andwell writtenPoor presentationEvaluation QualityAssessedcritically in depthand suggestedexcellentstrategieslogically andpresented in veryconvincingmannerAssessedcritically andsuggestedstrategieslogically andpresented inconvincingmannerAssessed welland suggestedstrategieslogically andpresented inwellAssessed andsuggestedstrategiesArgument isconfused anddisjointed.DiscussionDemonstratedexcellentability to thinkcritically andsourcedreferencematerialappropriatelyDemonstratedexcellentability to thinkcritically butdid not sourcereferencematerialappropriatelyDemonstrated ability tothink criticallyand sourcedreferencematerialappropriatelyDemonstratedability to thinkcritically anddid not sourcereferencematerialappropriatelyDid notdemonstrateability to thinkcritically and didnot sourcereference materialappropriatelyConclusionLogic is clearand easy tofollow withstrongargumentsConsistencylogical andconvincingMostlyconsistentlogical andconvincingAdequatecohesion andconvictionArgument isconfused anddisjointedReferencingClear styleswith excellentsource ofreferences.ClearreferencingstyleGenerallygoodreferencingstyleSometimesclearreferencingstyleLacks consistencywith many errors H5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 2


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