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1WENTWORTH INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATIONFINAL EXAMINATIONMB121: Human Resource ManagementExamination Duration: Exam questions distributed at 9am Thursday 27 MayExam answers must be submitted by 9am Saturday 29 MayTotal Marks: 40%Exam Conditions:This is a Take Home examinationInstructions to Students:There are Four Questions.Each Question must be answered.All Questions/Answers are of equal value.Each question requires a maximum answer of 500 words.References and citations to the literature are not required butare accepted and valued.Save your answers in a Word Doc clearly showing your name and student number and submit onCanvas.EXAMINATION RULES1. This must be youroriginal work2. All answers will besubmitted to extensiveplagiarism detectionsoftware.3. Answers which areunrelated to thequestions posed willreceive a Zero mark4. Ensure that youinclude your nameand student numberon all exam answerssubmitted.2MB121: Human Resource ManagementQuestion 1:What is the role of the Human Resource Management function within anorganization? Please provide examples to support your answer.Question 2:Provide examples of how a Strategic Human Resource Management functionwithin an organization could assist in dealing with the challenges posed byCovid-19.Question 3:Explain the importance and purposes of a performance management systemand identify some of the major difficulties associated with effectively managingstaff performance.Question 4:Critically evaluate the role of the Australian Fair Work Commission inestablishing and maintaining employment conditions for people working inAustralia.


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