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1MGT2HRM Assessment Task 3 – Individual Assessment TopicThe following information is provided as a guide to how you should do Assessment Task 3:Individual Assessment on Policy Design.The aim of this assignment is to develop an HRM policy that can be used in the workplace.You can choose an organisation in which you are currently working, or were previouslyemployed, or aspire to work.Develop an HRM policy on ONE of the following topics for your chosen organisation:o Recruitment and selectiono Performance management1. Use the following assignment structure:PART 1 – Policy AnalysisPART 2 – Policy DevelopmentIn PART 2, the following structure should be followed.< Title of your chosen policy>1. Overview2. Scope3. Policy Statement4. Contextual Factors5. Process (1-page diagram or flowchart)6. Other related policies7. Accountabilities and Contacts8. Evaluation MeasuresReferencesAppendices (if required)If you need more information on the structure of your assignment or develop your writingskills, there are many different resources available to help you. You can use the LTU servicesavailable by searching on the La Trobe website, ask the Library and search online.Alternatively, you can just ask your workshop leader for advice.22. What are the expectations?You need to conduct a brief policy analysis, which will underpin your policy. You areexpected to research widely to identify examples of relevant policies and journal articles.You need to use a minimum of ten academic, peer-reviewed journal articles to supportyour policy. All reference material must be appropriately cited in the text of your PART 1Policy Analysis.If you choose to base your policy on a pre-existing one, you need to identify and referencethis policy.Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources for this assignment.Only scientific studies (reported in academic journal articles), official websites ofestablished organisations, commentaries by eminent academics or Government Reportsshould be used.Follow the referencing style guidelines for the Academy of Management Journal.It is essential that your assignment is written in a neat, professional, and engaging manner.Convey your ideas clearly and concisely and use appropriate transitions between thedifferent sections of the assignment. Finally, and importantly, please be sure to check yourassignment for spelling, grammar and punctuation before submission.


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