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Unit Name/CodeISY3006 Information SecurityAssessment TypeGroup ReportAssessment NumberAssessment ThreeAssessment NameReportUnit LearningLO3 – Research, develop, and document a basic security policy,Outcomes Assessedand analyse, record, and resolve all security incidentsLO4 – Identify and assess the threats to, and vulnerabilities ofnetworksDue Date and TimeFriday, 5 February, 2021 by 5:00pmWeighting20%AssessmentThis assessment is designed to help students to research andDescriptionanalyze hot topics related to information security.Detailed SubmissionSubmit a word document through Turnitin in the unit MoodleRequirementspage Assessment Details Total Marks:20LengthMinimum = 2,500 words +/- 10%Report TypeGroup Report AssignmentThis is a group assessment. Students are to form groups of 4-5 members. This report gives you theopportunity to collaborate, research, formulate, develop and document a basic security policy for a specificorganization in Australia ECXEPT for BANKING/MORTGAGE organisation. Moreover, you are requiredto analyze, record, resolve security incidents and identify and assess the threats to, and vulnerabilities ofthe organisation’s networks. This report will use many of the concepts and techniques discussed in thisunit throughout the semester.Please note, you will need to either choose from the list of examples of the industries provided below orcome up with your own idea for a chosen specific organisation.Hospital/Medical CentreSupermarketVehicle rentalTourism agencyHotel/MotelAustralian Institute of Higher EducationCRICOS Provider Code: 03147ALevel 3 & 4 545 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 AustraliaT: +612 9020 8050 W: operatorProperty ManagementPlease discuss your chosen organisation and or ideas with your lecturer before you start your research.You must send the organization that you have chosen to your lecturer by Week 6. Please note you mightNOT be allowed to choose the same or similar specific organisation as other in your class. You should aimat research, develop, and document answers to questions (a.) and (b.) below. Do not copy the examples ofinformation security policies used in class!You should state clearly:the name of the organisation you have chosenthe stakeholders of the organisationthe nature of the business andanswer questions (a) and (b).Questions:(a.) Research, formulate, develop and document a strategic security policy for yourchosen organisation based on the nature of the organisation and the stakeholdersin the organisation.(b.) Based on the security policy you have researched, formulated, developed and documentedin the item (a.) above, identify and assess the potential threats and vulnerabilities of thecompany’s network and discuss how such threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigatedbased on your research.Referencing and PlagiarismAll information in the report should be in your own words and not copied from other sources. Any idea usedshould be referenced appropriately according to AIH policies and procedures. The report will be submittedthrough Turnitin and similarities may attract large penalties according to AIH policies and procedures.Please refer to the AIH Academic Misconduct Policy: is essential to use IN TEXT referencing. If you are using the exact words from a reference thenyou must use quotation marks.You can use Harvard Style referencing with numbers, with a listing at the end of the report. MicrosoftWord has an EndNote plugin that makes this style very easy and clear to follow. Institute of Higher EducationCRICOS Provider Code: 03147ALevel 3 & 4 545 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 AustraliaT: +612 9020 8050 W: NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE INTERNET OR COPY OTHER STUDENTS’ WORK!SubmissionYou are required to submit a digital copy of the report to Turnitin on Moodle by Friday, 29 January, 2021.You will NOT need to submit a hard copy.Late submissions will attract a 5% late penalty (of the maximum mark) per day (or part thereof) as perthe late submission policy.Report StructureCover Page – your group members’ names, IDs, subject, date, report title and WORD COUNTExecutive SummaryTable of Contents – listed sections (and sub-sectionsif required)Introduction – Brief and clear introductionBodyReferences-listing of all cited literature. A small number of high-quality references strategically usedis the main aim here.Formatting GuideFont: Times New Roman 12pt for paragraph text, 14pt bold for headings, with singleparagraph breaks between paragraphs.Line Spacing: 1.5, Margins: 2cm all aroundAlignment: left-aligned.Page numbering: Insert page numberAustralian Institute of Higher EducationCRICOS Provider Code: 03147ALevel 3 & 4 545 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 AustraliaT: +612 9020 8050 W: Guide ElementRanking12345PossibleActualmarksmarksPoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent3Format,Basic andBasic and partiallyClear andClear andClear andSources, andpartiallycorrect format, lesscorrect format,correct format,correct format,grammarcorrect format,recent fair-qualityrecent fair-recent high-recent highnon-articles, scholarlyqualityqualityquality articles,contemporarylanguage not usedarticles,articles,scholarlylow-qualityand poor attentionscholarlyscholarlylanguagearticles,to detaillanguagelanguagethroughout andscholarlyFewpartly usedmostly usedthoroughlanguage notsections/paragraphsand goodand quiteattention toused and poorsmoothly andthoroughthoroughdetailattention tologically linkedattention toattention tosections/detaildetaildetailparagraphsLittle evidenceSomeMost sections/smoothly andof smoothsections/paragraphslogically linkedlinking andparagraphssmoothly andlogical linkingsmoothly andlogically linkedlogically linked0.5 mark1 mark1.5 marks2 marks3 marksResearch,Very basicSome basicGood basicSound overallDetailed and3formulate,research andresearch andresearch andresearch andexcellent withdevelop anddocumentationdocumentation of adocumentationdocumentationresearch anddocument aof a strategicstrategic securityof a strategicof a strategicdocumentationstrategicsecurity policypolicysecurity policysecurity policyof a strategicsecuritysecurity policypolicy for0.5 mark1 mark1.5 marks2 marks3 marksyour chosenorganisationidentify andVery basicSome basicGood basicSound overallDetailed and3assess theidentificationidentification andidentificationidentificationexcellentpotentialandassessment of theandandidentificationthreats andassessment ofpotential threatsassessment ofassessment ofandvulnerabilitiesthe potentialand vulnerabilitiesthe potentialthe potentialassessment ofthreats andthreats andthreats andthe potentialvulnerabilitiesvulnerabilitiesvulnerabilitiesthreats andand mitigationvulnerabilities0.5 mark1 mark1.5 marks2 marks3 marksDiscuss howVery basicSome basicGood basicSound overallDetailed and3such threatsmitigation ofmitigation of themitigation ofmitigation ofexcellentandthe potentialpotential threatsthe potentialthe potentialmitigation of thevulnerabilitiesthreats andand vulnerabilitiesthreats andthreats andpotential threatscan bevulnerabilitiesvulnerabilitiesvulnerabilitiesandmitigatedvulnerabilities0.5 mark1 mark1.5 marks2 marks3 marks Australian Institute of Higher EducationCRICOS Provider Code: 03147ALevel 3 & 4 545 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 AustraliaT: +612 9020 8050 W: Analysis,Very basicSome basicGood basicSound overallDetailed5argumentanalysisanalysis evident butanalysisanalysis withanalysis withand cover allevident but nono critique orlackinglimited critiqueevidence ofrequirementsdepth, critiqueinsight. Somecritique andand insight. Allcritique and(•the name ofor insight.requirementsinsight. Allrequirementsinsight. AlltheOnly fewcovered.requirementscovered.requirementsorganisationrequirementscovered.coveredyou havecovered.chosen•the1 mark2 marks3 marks4 marks5 marksstakeholdersof theorganisation•the nature ofthe businessand)ReferencingLittle or noReferencing skillsReferencingReferencingReferencing3evidence ofminimally intact,skills partiallyskills mainlyskills fullyany citationsinaccurate and withintact, partiallyintact,intact, accurateor referencemultiple errorsaccurate andaccurate andand well-usedlistused withwell-used withno obvioussome errorssome errorserrors0.5 mark1 mark1.5 marks2 marks3 marksTOTAL20 Australian Institute of Higher EducationCRICOS Provider Code: 03147ALevel 3 & 4 545 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 AustraliaT: +612 9020 8050 W:


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