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MGT 550 Milestone One Guidelines and RubricOverview: In this assignment, you will enhance your skills and knowledge of techniques in various communications to lead change, develop and maintainrelationships, and address sources of conflict through effective communications tied to organizational goals and core visions. Through the development of astrategic communication case study, you will gain comprehensive, hands-on experience in evaluating and constructing communications that inform, persuade,and influence intended audiences in order to achieve strategic goals. Using the provided case study, you will identify issues that must be addressed from anorganizational perspective. Additionally, you will make informed decisions regarding what actions to take, paying particular attention to appropriateness ofcommunications and mediums, as well as evaluating effectiveness.For Milestone One, you will further define the problem you identified in the case and begin to develop a plan to address the problem using internal and externalcommunications. Furthermore, you will prioritize the first steps in the process of addressing the problem and set goals for your communication. To access thefinal project case study, “Research in Motion: Sincerely, a RIM Employee (A),” refer to the HBR coursepack link in your syllabus.Prompt: Craft an introduction to the problem you identified in the case that you intend to address in your strategic communication case study.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. IntroductionA. Establish context for your paper by summarizing the important details of the case and outlining the specific problem(s) that you will address.B. In response to the presented issue, define clear and specific communication goals. Who are your target audiences and what do you want toaccomplish with your communication?Use the following rubric to help you address the critical elements appropriately.RubricGuidelines for Submission: Your introduction should be 3 to 4 pages in length with double spacing, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, andadherence to the latest edition of APA formatting. Critical ElementsProficient (100%)Needs Improvement (75%)Not Evident (0%)ValueIntroduction:ContextSummarizes the important details of the caseand clearly outlines the specific problem(s)that will be addressedSummarizes the important details of the caseand outlines the specific problem(s) that willbe addressed but summary is cursory ormissing important details or problemsoutlined are vague or illogicalDoes not summarize the important details ofthe case and/or outline the specific problemsthat will be addressed45Introduction:CommunicationGoalsDefines clear and specific communicationgoals in response to the presented issue,supported by text or other scholarly sourcesDefines communication goals but goals arevague or unclear or lack connections to thepresented issue, or goals are unsupported bytext or other sourcesDoes not define communication goals45Articulation ofResponseSubmission has no major errors related tocitations, grammar, spelling, syntax, ororganizationSubmission has major errors related tocitations, grammar, spelling, syntax, ororganization that negatively impactreadability and articulation of main ideasSubmission has critical errors related tocitations, grammar, spelling, syntax, ororganization that prevent understanding ofideas10Total100%


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