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Reflective Report – 9.2Numerical Modeling of Pulse Wave Propagation in a Stenosed Coronary Artery Holistic CriteriaSpecific CriteriaGrade LevelActivitySelf-managementCommitment(Distinction) Demonstrates at least120 hours of project work during theteaching period unless has unit chairapproval for less hours.Have been working for at least 8 hours per week in the initialweeks. As a lag in the project initiation timeline is observed, it isplanned to increase the work hours per week. The increase inwork hour is currently needed also to get the initial simulationmodels and the required details are required to be collected now.Respectful behaviour(Distinction) Conducts self in aprofessional and respectful mannerthroughout the duration of theproject.High importance is given to be professional in communicationwith the stake-holders in weekly meetings and also with verbaland non-verbal communication within the team. I am also tryingto follow the same professional standard in the works I amcarrying out for the project.Accountability(Distinction) Helps progress projecttasks and collaborates with others toensure work undertaken does notimpede others.The project is currently identified to be a little lagging from ourinitial plan. Therefore, interaction within the team is made moreregular and I give serious consideration to the suggestions madeby the stakeholders and teammates to avoid any further delays.EffectivecommunicationActive Listening(Distinction) Responds to andincludes the point of view of othersUnderstanding the scope and aim of the project topic was achallenge. Therefore, our team decided to independently searchand understand the problem. With both our points jotted down, Iwas able to get a clear idea of the requirement, resulting from myteam mate’s research.Verbal, non-verbal andwritten(Distinction) Seeks clarity aroundsituations and purpose to achieveconsistent and satisfying resultsDuring one of our weekly interactions with the sponsor, we weretold to work on positive remodelling of the coronary artery.However, we were not sure about positive remodelling. Aftersurfing and looking at literature, I sought clarification on myunderstanding about the same and how we were expected towork with it.Team membershipand leadershipParticipation(Distinction) Actively involved in teamactivities, demonstrates commitmentWhen we had to figure out project background, to share ourthought, my team had multiple interactions through Trello board to the project, and contributes toplanning future activities.and through voice calls to avoid any of the team member laggingin the understanding of the backgroundContribution(Distinction) Provides instructions,direction and guidance to a group ofindividuals for the purpose ofresolving conflicts and realisingcommon goals.With the sponsor’s input, we sensed that we were not on the righttrack. During week 9, I pushed my team to have more voice callsfor better understanding to get ourselves back on the track. Wewere able to get it as per the last interaction with the sponsor.ProjectManagementTools and processes(Credit) Consistently applies projectmanagement tools and processes forinitiating and planning an engineeringproject.Comprehension about the project background is achievedsuccessfully. A better understanding of the project and the stepsinvolved in it are still under evaluation. It is expected to plan theproject implementation state after this. Plans for near future aremaintained in the iteration presentationsProject plan(Credit) Realistically assesses thescope, dimensions, scale of effort,resources required and indicativecosts of an engineering project.After understanding the problem, the next challenge was tochoose the resources required for completing the project. CFDsoftware can be utilized to solve the problem. Many open-sourcesoftware are compared and contrasted. Based on familiarity to theteam and also accessibility, it is decided to use ANSYS Fluent forthe simulation.Project Schedule(Credit) Logically aligns tasks /activities with project goals andoutcomes, eliminates unnecessarydependencies.We were initially lagging in time because of lack of understanding.In a recent discussion with the team members, it is decided toseek the help of stakeholders to get clarity about our direction ofwork while we are in the process. This could prevent loss of timeon working in the wrong direction.SocialResponsibilityEthics(Credit) Maintains high standards ofethical behaviour and escalatesethical issues when they ariseAs ANSYS Fluent is a commercial software, there is a possibility ofgoing unethical with the software. However, it is decided to usethe student version of the software for the initial stages. And ifand when needed, it is planned to seek Deakin’s help or access tothe license of the software.Safety(Credit) Demonstrates capacity toaddress or control risks to safety bydesigning risk management tools andprocesses to avert arising or to reduceexisting hazardsPotential risk is foreseen to be the personal computers’specifications. Beside the limitations in software access, care mustbe taken not to crash the system. It is decided to run thesimulation for less number of iterations and always check. Sustainability(Credit) Maintains an up-to-dateknowledge and understanding ofsustainability principles and practicesrelevant to the area of theproject/engineering.Other methods of diagnosing coronary artery diseases is byinvasive or imaging techniques. When either of these have highcarbon impact, simulation based technique is expected to haveless impact on the ecosystem.EngineeringKnowledge andskillsCritical thinking(Credit) Consistently applies relevantengineering domain knowledge andskills to evaluate the value ofpotential solution strategies in orderto design the project.The selection process of the tool for simulation was based onmany limitations and advantages. Some of the factors consideredare familiarity with the tool to the team, accessibility of the tooland restrictions due to the current online mode of classes. Basedon these considerations, ANSYS fluent is chosen among the othersoftware.Problem Solving(Credit) Consistently applies relevantengineering domain knowledge andskills to define and address andproblem.The project steps are yet to be completely defined. And hence,the problems that may arise during the process are yet to beunderstood and plans will be made accordingly.Decision making(Credit) Evaluates and integratestechnical and non-technicalconsiderations as desirable outcomesof engineering tasks and activities.The final goal of the project is defined and is presented initeration 3. The level of simplification that can be expected for thesimulation is a challenge that needs to be addressed yet. Theacceptable simulative assumptions are not weighed and need tobe finalised.


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