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SLE251 Project Marking CriteriaPage 1 of 2Your project will be marked on the following criteria Introduction• A clear and relevant brief background is provided that places theresearch in context• A rationale for the project is clearly provided (i.e. why the question isof interest)• Aims and hypotheses clearly stated and relevant to background• Clear and logical predictions are made• At least 2 appropriate references cited• Below the word limit of 200 wordsMethods• Source of the data is clearly described (e.g collected experimentally ortaken from a website)• Information on the how data were sampled is provided, along withany justification and/or criteria used in data collection.• The sampling methods are appropriate• Details of what analyses were used are provided. Either:• t-tests (paired or two sample independent).• Linear regression or correlation (choose as appropriate)• ANOVA (one way ANOVA if possible but two way is OK as well).NOTE: for ANOVA – If p


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