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SLE251 Project report format 2021Please follow the format below for your project report. REMEMBER that although project work can be doneindividually or in groups of 2 or 3. If you choose the latter option, however, the reports themselves must beINDIVIDUAL write-ups.Project titleGroup members (if applicable)Main project report [40 marks] – you should use the section headings belowIntroduction (8 marks)This section should briefly introduce the project, provide background (with appropriate citations) and rationale, andstate the aim(s) and hypothesis (or hypotheses) being tested. Maximum 200 wordsMethods (10 marks)This section should describe what you did to collect the data for your study, what statistical analyses you used, howassumptions were checked and whether any transformations were used. This is a standard methods section as in anyscientific report or paper.Results (12 marks)This section should include a summary of the data, any figures and tables plus the results of the statistical analyses.Note that each figure and table should have its own legend/caption that explains its content. There is no need toduplicate information presented in a figure with information in a table.Discussion (10 marks)Summarise the conclusions and interpretations of your work, places it in context of other research (use appropriatecitations) and outlines any problems and make suggestions for improvements in future work. Maximum 300 words.ReferencesList the references you have cited in the report. Cite at least four appropriate references (scientific papers, books orreports) (2 each in the introduction and discussion) – not including any source for your data.Professional context [40 marks]Skills acquired (6 marks)The SLE251 unit seeks to develop research skills, discipline specific knowledge, critical/analytical thinking, problemsolving and communication skills. In this section you should briefly articulate (two sentences maximum each) how youhave acquired three of the abilities listed above by doing this project.Job adverts (6 marks)Identify two currently advertised jobs from (i) a typical science organisation and (ii) a non-science organisation thathave selection criteria that you could adequately address using the skills you have acquired doing this project. Pastecopies of the job ads into your report (use a job search tool such as to find suitable job adverts).Addressing selection criteria (28 marks)For four selection criteria (two for each job) write a short paragraph using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action andResponse) format to explain how your work on this project provides evidence of your ability to meet that particularselection criterion. Maximum 100 words per selection criterion – max. 400 words total.Total marks = 80. This assignment is worth 40% of your final mark for SLE251.DUE DATE: 8pm Friday 28th May via the unit site dropbox as a Microsoft Word file


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