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AssessmentSummary Unit DetailsBSBMKG501–Identify and evaluate marketingopportunitiesAssessment TypeThis is a summative assessment, which requireseach student to have adequate practice prior toundertaking this assessmentAssessment MethodsAssessment 1Written TaskAssessment 2Project – Research, developand presentmarketingopportunities StudentName:Student ID:Version: 1.0 Gen Institute Pty Ltd © Page 1 of 44Assessment |BSBMKG501ContentsAssessmentinformation 4Purpose 4Unitdescription 4Keycompetencies 4Foundationskills 4Performance evidence 5Knowledge evidence 5AssessmentConditions 5Relevantlegislation 5Prerequisites 6Terminologyused 6General Instructions toStudents 6Dimensions ofCompetency 6Completing theassessments/Expectations 7Assessmentoutcome 7Summary ofassessment 7Requiredresources 8Reasonable adjustment 8Plagiarismpolicy 8Academic appeals 9Reassessmentprocess 9Assessmentrecords 10Declaration 10Assessment submissions and contactdetails 10Assessment 1 – WrittenQuestions 13Instructions forStudents 13Assessment |BSBMKG501Applicable conditions 13Resources required forassessment 13Comments if the answer is notsatisfactory 22Assessment Outcome – Assessment 1 of 223Assessment 2 – Project – Research, develop and present marketingopportunities 24Instructions forStudents 24Applicable conditions 24Resources required forassessment 25Performance Checklist and Assessment Outcome – Assessment 2, PartA 28Role Play Observation Checklist and Assessment Outcome – Assessment 2, PartB 31Assessment Outcome Record – Assessment 2 of 233Appendices 34Assessment |BSBMKG501Assessment information PurposeThis document represents the main assessment instrument for the unitofcompetency BSBMKG501–Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesUnit descriptionThis unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify, evaluateand take advantage of marketing opportunities by analysing marketdata, distinguishing characteristics of possible markets and assessingviability of changes to operations.It applies to individuals working in a supervisory or managementmarketing or advertising role within a marketing or advertising team ormedia organisation.No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit atthe time of publication.Keycompetencies1. Identify marketing opportunities2. Investigate marketing opportunities3. Evaluate required changes to current operationsFoundation skillsReadingskills to:1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.4,3.1Evaluates and comprehendstextual information from arange of sources anddraws own conclusionsWriting skillsto:1.1-1.3, 2.5,3.1,3.4, 3.5Integrates information from a numberof sources to develop material thatsupports purposes of documentationusing suitable grammatical structureand clear, logical languageOralcommunication skills to:2.5, 3.4Presents opinions, ideas andorganisational requirements clearly andcreatively using language andpresentation techniques appropriate toaudience and environmentElicits views and opinions of others bylistening and questioningNumeracyskills to:2.3, 2.4, 3.3Evaluates financial and marketing datausing whole numbers, decimals andpercentages to make accuratecalculationsNavigate theworld ofwork to:2.1Recognises and follows explicit andimplicit organisational protocols andmeets expectations associated withown roleInteract withothers to:2.5, 3.4Selects appropriate form, channel andmode of communication for a specificpurpose relevant to own role Assessment |BSBMKG501 Get the workdone:1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.4,3.1, 3.2, 3.3,3.4Develops plans to manage relativelycomplex tasks with an awareness of Assessment |BSBMKG501 how they may contribute to longerterm operational and strategic goalsMakes decisions by systematicallyanalysing information, identifying andevaluating options against set criteria,and choosing most appropriate optionEvaluates outcomes of decisions toidentify opportunities for improvementDevelops new and innovative ideasthrough exploration, analysis andcritical thinkingPerformanceevidenceA person who demonstrates competency in this unit must be able toprovide evidence of the ability to:● identify and evaluate marketing opportunities to determine whetherthey can meet organisational objectives● document how current business operations need to be modified, andlist resources required, to take advantage of newly identified andevaluated opportunities.KnowledgeevidenceStudents must develop knowledge of the following areas to successfullycomplete this unit:● outline key provisions of relevant legislation, codes of practice andnational standards affecting marketing operations● describe organisational marketing plan, structure, products andservices● explain principles of marketing and marketing mix● describe statistical methods and techniques to evaluate marketingopportunities, including forecasting techniques.AssessmentConditionsAssessment must be conducted in a safe environment where evidencegathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activitiesexperienced in the business development – marketing field of work andinclude access to:● relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes● relevant workplace documentation and resources● organisational strategic and marketing plans● case studies and, where possible, real situations.Assessors must satisfy NVR/AQTF assessor requirements.Relevantlegislation● The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and Australian Privacy Principles(APPs) Assessment |BSBMKG501 ● Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)● Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012Pre-requisitesNILTerminology usedThe following terms are used in each assessment task to guide thestudent and assessor as to what is expected from each assessment task:1. Instructions: Provides a brief description about the assessment taskand broadly indicates what the Student is required to do.2. Conditions of assessment: Outlines the conditions in which theassessment must be undertaken. In some cases, it will give optionsfor the student about what to base the assessment task on andwhether it is practical demonstration or project.3. Description of task/decision making rules: Advises the student andthe assessor of the task description and the criteria that theassessment must meet in order for a satisfactory result to beawarded.4. Due Date – the date on which assessment falls due.GeneralInstructions toStudentsThis document contains both the assessment instrument and theinstructions for gathering and interpreting evidence in an assessmentprocess.The document also includes references to relevant checklists, templatesand other resources required as part of the assessment conditions, thatyou must complete as part of the assessment requirements.● This pack includes all the assessment tasks you will need tosuccessfully complete in order to be competent in the unit/s ofcompetence listed above.● There are two(2) assessment tasks in this pack. To attain competencein the unit/s you must satisfactorily:o complete all written questions in this assessment toolo complete and submit the project/s outlined in the assessmentguideo demonstrate skills as directed by your Assessor● Competency depends on consistently demonstrating the skills andknowledge that enable you to complete workplace tasks confidentlyin a variety of situations.● If you have any difficulties in understanding any of these forms orinstructions, please speak to your trainer/ assessor.● You must attach the Assessment Coversheet to each submission.You must keep copies of the completed assessment for your records. Assessment |BSBMKG501 DimensionsofCompetencyYou will be considered to be competent when you are able todemonstrate application of knowledge and skills to successfully completework activities in a range of situations and environments as follows:● Task skills –Performing the task/job to the required standard● Task management skills –Performing more than one thing at a time Assessment |BSBMKG501 and managing the tasks correctly● Contingency management skills –Responding appropriatelyto irregularities and breakdowns in routine within a job orworkplace● Job/role environment skills (outcomes)– Dealing with theresponsibilities and expectations of the work environmentCompletingtheassessments/Ex pectationsAssessors must ensure that students completely understand theassessment process and various assessment tasks before undertakingthe assessments. This assessment tool is structured in a way that eachassessment task clearly outlines the:● Instructions for completing the assessment task;● Conditions in which the assessment must be conducted;● Evidence that must be presented by the student; and● Decision-making rules by which the evidence will be judged.Every assessment task will require satisfactory completion in order forstudents to be deemed Competent. The students will need to adhere toany guidelines on length of answers required where stipulated.Assessment outcomeYour Assessor will:o complete the Assessment Outcome Record for each assessmenttasko provide you with feedback for all assessment taskso mark the assessment task as satisfactory or unsatisfactoryo sign the Assessment Outcome Record● You must sign and date the Assessment Task Outcome Record andread, understand and acknowledge the feedback.● The Assessor will record the assessment outcome (Competent or Notcompetent) for the unit of competency, and will include any relevantcomments on the Assessment summary cover sheet.● Should your performance in a task be deemed ‘Not Satisfactory’, youwill be advised of the outcome and will be given one more opportunityto re-submit satisfactory evidence within the timelines advised byyour assessor.● If you fail to achieve the required outcome after this opportunity, youwill be deemed ‘Not Competent’. Please read the reassessmentprocedure in the later part of these instructions.● You must access, read and understand the Gen’s complaints andappeals process, which allows you to challenge an assessmentdecision, if you would like to be reassessed.● If you are found to have plagiarised or copied work from anotherstudent or any other sources, your assessment submission will notbe accepted (please refer to Gen’s Plagiarism Policy).You may refer to the Student Handbook for more information. Assessment |BSBMKG501 Summary ofassessmentThe assessment methods that are used in this assessment tool are: Assessment |BSBMKG501 methodsand tasksAssessmentTask#Method ofAssessmentDescription1QuestionsYou are required to answer 7short answerquestions related to this unit2Project & RolePlayResearch, develop and present marketingopportunities Assessment |BSBMKG501 RequiredresourcesEach assessment task in this assessment tool outlines specific resourcesthat the student must have access to as part of the assessment process.Assessors must ensure that students have appropriate access to theseresources before any assessment is conducted.ReasonableadjustmentGenInstitute enables reasonable adjustments to be made to assessmentprocedures for students with special needs, such as people withdisabilities or with language or literacy difficulties.If you are unable to complete the assessment in this format, you mustinform your assessor and they may arrange for you to take theassessment in an alternative format.PlagiarismpolicyGenInstitute takes a systemic approach to the treatment of plagiarismin academic work. The policy is intended to promote honesty in learningand assessment and respect for the work of others. Contravention of thispolicy will result in students being penalized.● Please read the plagiarism policy available in your student handbookand to be aware of the consequences and to understand your rightsand responsibilities.● In order to be assessed as competent (C) in this unit you need toprovide evidence that demonstrates you can perform the requiredcompetencies to the necessary standard.● In order to avoid plagiarism, you must acknowledge and referencesources of research that you use in your written work, and must givecredit appropriately.● You must use the APA 6th Referencing style. You must contact yourassessor for guidance on how to reference.● You could also complete a free tutorial on referencing at The Basicsof APA Style®● The following are some types of references that must beacknowledged:o Direct quotations – using another person’s exact words, placingwords in quotation marks (for shorter quotes) or indentparagraphs (for longer quotes).o Paraphrases of another person’s words or ideas – using someoneelse’s ideas in your own words. When you paraphrase, you mustcitethe source of the ideas Assessment |BSBMKG501 o Summarise another person’s ideas – a short summary of theoriginal text, including only the main points of the original author’sideas or argument. To avoid plagiarism, you must cite the sourcewhenever you summarise another person’s work.o Tables, figures, graphs, diagrams or images obtained from anysource – you must acknowledge the original source of all tables,figures, graphs, diagrams or images.o Information obtained from lectures and personal communication –you must acknowledge the source of the information.Academicappeals● Where a student wishes to appeal an assessment they are requiredto notify their assessor in the first instance. Where appropriate theassessor may decide to re-assess the student to ensure a fair andequitable decision is gained. The assessor shall complete a writtenreport regarding the re-assessment outlining the reasons whyassessment was or was not granted.● If this is still not to the student’s satisfaction the student shall formallylodge an appeal by submitting a written letter within one week ofreceiving the results using the form 10.1 for Complaints and appealsoutlining the reasons for the appeal. They shall lodge this withstudent administrations department and the appeal shall be enteredinto the ‘complaints and appeals register’.● The Course coordinator shall be notified and shall seek details fromthe assessor involved and any other relevant parties. A decision shallbe made regarding the appeal either indicating the assessmentdecision stands or details of a possible re-assessment by anotherassessor appointed by Gen.The student shall be notified in writing of the outcome with reasons forthe decision. The student shall also be provided the option of activatingthe external appeals process if they are not satisfied with the outcome.The student is required to notify Gen if they wish to proceed with theexternalappeals process.Reassessment process1. Student will be assessed as being competent only upon satisfactorycompletion of all the assessments in a unit.2. If a student is not able to demonstrate satisfactory completion of allof the required assessments of the unit, the result for that unit willbe recorded as Not Competent.3. If a student has submitted all the tasks and successfully completedmore than 50%* of the assessment tasks for a unit, they will beprovided with specific feedback and invited to re-submit theirassessment.4. If a student has submitted and not successfully completed more than50%* of the assessment tasks for a unit, they will be required toundertake the unit again.5. In the case of re-submission, the following actions shall occur: Assessment |BSBMKG501 ● The student must apply for resubmission within one week of the Assessment |BSBMKG501 result is made available to him/her. This means that the studentis responsible to acknowledge that he/she has received the resultand has been deemed NC for the units of competency undertaken.● Reassessment may need to be arranged every weekend onSaturday evenings in order to minimize disruption.6. If a student is assessed as “Not Competent’ after the resubmission,he or she will be identified as a student-at-risk and an AcademicPerformance Improvement (API) Plan will be created during anIntervention Strategy Meeting between the Gen’s OperationsManager, Trainer & Assessor and student. The date for a thirdassessment will be nominated by the student in consultation withTrainer & Assessor, but should be no longer than 1 month from theprevious re-submission date.7. One re-submission is allowable per unit per student free of cost.Additional re-submissions will be charged at $200.If the student remains ‘Not Competent’ after a third re-submission, heor she will be notified that this result is final and he or she will be unableto successfully complete the course in which they are enrolled at thispoint.* Due to the variance in the amount of work completed for eachassessment task in a unit, 50% will be determined by the number ofassessment tasks submitted as opposed to the amount of evidencesubmitted.Assessment recordsWe are required to retain a copy of your assessment and all otherevidentiary records. If you require a copy of this assessment submissionplease be sure to copy it prior to submitting it to us.DeclarationYou must sign the student declaration confirming the authenticity of yoursubmitted work, understanding the requirements to complete theassessment tasks and that the assessment process including theprovisions for re-submitting and academic appeals were explained to youand that you understand these processes on the assessment summarycover sheet. GenInstitute cannot assess any submitted work untilthe declaration isreceived.Assessmentsubmissionsand contactdetailsYou must submit this completed assessment tool to your trainer on thedue date. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questionsregarding the assessment process:Phone: 03 9642 2193 Assessment |BSBMKG501For Assessor Only – ASSESSMENT COVERSHEET This form is to be completed by the assessor and used as a final record of student competency.All student submissions including any associated checklists (outlined below) are to be attached to this cover sheet beforeplacing on the students file. Student results are not to be entered onto the Student Database unless all relevant paperworkis completed and attached to this form.Student Name:StudentID No:Email:Contactnumber:Unit Code &TitleBSBMKG501–Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesFirst Submission❑Subsequent submission❑Please attach the following documentation to this formResultS = SatisfactoryNS = NotSatisfactoryAssessment 1❑ Written TaskS |NSAssessment 2S |NS S| NSPart A: Report on marketing opportunitiesPart B: Presentation❑❑Final Assessment Result for this unit Assessment |BSBMKG501 (Student will be assessed as being competent onlyupon satisfactory completion of all the abovementioned assessments)❑ Competent ❑ Not Competent (Comments)The Evidence provided is:❑ Valid ❑ Sufficient ❑ Authentic ❑ CurrentStudent Declaration:I acknowledge that I understand the requirements to complete the assessment tasks. The assessmentprocess including the provisions for re-submitting and academic appeals were explained to me and Iunderstand these processes. I understand the consequences of plagiarism and confirm that this is myown work and I have acknowledged or referenced all sources of information I have used for thepurpose of this assessment.Student’s Signature: Date: / /Final feedback: Assessment |BSBMKG501 Assessor: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid,reliable and flexible assessment with this student, andI have provided appropriate feedback.Signature:Date: / /Administrative useonlyEntered onto StudentManagement DatabaseDateInitials USE FOR REASSESSMENT ONLYAssessment Task No/sComponentsStudent Declaration:I acknowledge that I understand the requirements to complete the assessment tasks. Theassessment process including the provisions for re-submitting and academic appeals were explainedto me and I understand these processes. I understand the consequences of plagiarism and confirmthat this is my own work and I have acknowledged or referenced all sources of information I haveused for the purpose of this assessment.Student’s Signature: Date: / /Result of ReassessmentCompetent – C Not Yet Competent – NYC(Please circle the Final AssessmentOutcome)Feedback to Student (Please provide general feedback on the Student’s performance) Assessment |BSBMKG501 Assessor: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with thisstudent,and I have provided appropriate feedback.Trainer/AssessorSignatureDate Administrative useonlyEntered onto StudentManagement DatabaseDateInitials Assessment |BSBMKG501Assessment 1 – Written QuestionsInstructions for Students● This is the first of the two assessment tasks you must complete satisfactorily to bedeemed competent in this unit.● Read the Assessment description carefully.● In this task, you must answer seven (7) questions that cover the knowledgerequirements of this unit.● You must respond to all questions and submit them to the Trainer/Assessor.● You must answer all questions to the required standard (e.g. provide the specifiednumber of points) to be deemed satisfactory in this task.● Assessment may be submitted in Microsoft Word format or may be handwritten. Clearlylabel your work with your name, unit code, unit title, Assessment Task and respectiveQuestion number with the answer to all the documents and sheets that are attached toyour submission.● Read the Plagiarism policy and procedure carefully to understand the consequences thatyou could face if your work is plagiarized.● Seek clarification regarding the assessment required to be done, if you do notunderstand the task.● Ask for reasonable time from Assessor for preparation of project or Assessment.● Seek information on additional reading material and reference for completion of theassessments.● Students with special needs can seek assistance from assessors depending upon thenature of the need.● Submit this document along with your assessment work.● Your Trainer/Assessor will provide you feedback and notify you about the resultswithin two weeks of submission.Applicable conditions● This is an open book task and you may refer to your learning materials or yourresearch of external resources.● Assessment may be completed in your own time and is due one week after the moduleend date.● You must complete this task independently.● The Trainer/Assessor may ask you relevant questions on this assessment task to ensurethat this is your own work, or to confirm your knowledge to close any gaps they mayidentify as not evidenced in your written responses.● No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task. The outcome of the task willbe Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory.Resources required for assessment● You will need the following materials/ resources for this task:o Textbook/ Online learning resourceso Computer with Internet access for research purposes and word processingAssessment |BSBMKG501Written Questions 1Briefly describe how legislations, codes of practice and national standards affect themarketing operations of an organisation Your description must cover at least twoexamples of acts, codes or standards each. Respond in no more than 400 words.a. LegislationIn a business there are different types of operations that are required to be completed in order to achievesuccess. The organization is included with diverse employees and related people who are responsible forcompleting their job roles and responsibility efficiently in order to achieve the organizational goal. Inorder to complete all the operations ethically and avoiding any kind of unethical misconduct organizationis required to follow various legislation and laws just such as corporate laws, Business laws, finance lawsand labor laws. This legislation can impact the operation efficiently as the organization is required todesign the activities according to the laws.In the UK all organizations are required to follow the legislations such as National minimum wage 1998in order to set the salary and benefit of the employees efficiently. organizations are required to followequality act 2010 in order to provide all the benefits and rights of the employee equally regardless of theirrace, age, gender, culture region and religion (Rajan & Joseph, 2017).b. Codes of practice:Code of practice is different for different industries and types of business. medical organization the codeof practice is different where the employees and health care providers are required to maintain the codeof practice to provide high quality of medical care to the patients and provide a safe environment to theEmployees. Food Industry is required to follow the code of practices which ensure the quality of food inorder to avoid any kind of hazards related with water system chemical and microbiological reasons.Education sector is required to follow the code of practice where the teachers are required to follow thecode of practice in order to provide adequate information and knowledge to the learner systematically andethically (Halalsheh, Kassab & Shatanawi, 2021).HACCP is one of the codes of practice which ensures the quality of food products manufactured by theorganizations for the consumers’ guess code of practice is helpful for identifying the hazard and mitigatingthem effectively.c. Industry standard:National standard in the UK body of the UK Government holds the royal charter to represent the Assessment |BSBMKG501international organization for standardization. Standard is a tried and tested system of production andManufacturing different goods for the organization in order to follow ethical practice. National standardsare effective to help the organization to improve the quality and safety of the product and services thatthey are providing to the consumer.ISO is one of the national standards represented in international organizations for standardization.Organizations who are following this standard are providing standard quality of product to the consumers(Rajan & Joseph, 2017).Assessment |BSBMKG501❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments) 2What is the purpose of an organisation’s marketing plan? Respond in no more than50 words.Marketing plan is established in order to attract more reviewers towards organization by having attractiveadvertisement social media presence. Clear marketing plan ensures that the company is investing withinthe products which can be helpful for satisfying the expectation of the consumer therefore the consumersare attracted toward the organization and its product and services. It is helpful for enhancing the consumerbase (Gregg, Kim & Perrey, 2020).Gregg, B., Kim, A., & Perrey, J. (2020). Leading with purpose: How marketing and sales leaders canshape the next normal. McKinsey, (April). ❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments)Assessment |BSBMKG501 3Briefly describe the structure of an organisational marketing plan. Respond in nomore than 80 words.Structure of a marketing plan can be included with● objective of the marketing plan, clear objective of the marketing plan can helpful for achievethe objective efficiently● market analysis and consumer analysis, in order to reveal the exact expectation of theconsumers and the market which can be helpful for built the effective decision within theorganization● Target market and targeted consumers● SWOT of the product and Organization (Gregg, Kim & Perrey, 2020)● Marketing strategy, to help the management for design the marketing process efficiently● Marketing budget is also included with the structure which is included with the cost of themarketing process ❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments)Assessment |BSBMKG501 4Define products and services in marketing and provide two relevant examples ofeach. Respond in no more than 100 words.ProductsProduct is a tangible good that acquires attraction of the consumers and consume by the consumer. Inmarketing, a product is playing an important role as the marketing strategy committing to the consumerabout providing their expected products which is going to satisfy the expectation of the consumer.Therefore, the organization is required to produce products according to the consumer expectation in orderto meet the commitment for the growth of the business. As the product is tangible, organizations can usethe picture of the product and can provide information related with the ingredients and benefits of theproducts to attract the consumers (Gregg, Kim & Perrey, 2020).ServicesService is an intangible product which cannot be seen or touched and count therefore the organizationswho are providing service are required to be more concerned with their marketing process as they cannotprovide any picture or any perception about the service that they are providing to the consumer.Organization also can state the benefits of the services to the consumer while its marketing. ❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments)Assessment |BSBMKG501 5For each of the 7Ps below, identify two key considerations an organisation mustmake in evaluating a marketing opportunity. One has been done for you as anexample.7PsEvaluation of marketing opportunityProduct● An organization must consider the target market for the product andservices. According to the type of the product organization have toselect and target the audiences● Apart from that, the organization is required to identify the size ofthe market for the product and about the demand of the product byevaluating the market and consumer expectations.Price● An organization is required to focus on the target market and itssocial economic status along with the competition in the market forset the pricing strategy● Premium pricing premium consumers competence pricing is aboutto to acquire more consumers in the market. Competitive pricing ishelpful for being competitive in the market. affordable pricing canbe helpful for focus consumers from different economicbackgrounds (Anjani, Irham & Waluyati, 2018).Promotion● Organization is required to identify the target audiences for theproducts and services that they are going to provide to theirconsumer in order to design the promotion of the product● Promotion is required to be simple and precise with a strongmessage Assessment |BSBMKG501 Place● Availability is one of the most important part of marketing thereforethe organization is required to be strategy to select the specificplaces where they can sell the products to the target audiences● In order to avail the product through its targeted consumerorganization is required to be available through online and offlinebothPeople● In order to meet the need of the business organization is required torecruit experience and skilled employees who can work accordingly● Adequate motivation and encouragement are also required for theemployees to influence the performance of the employees(Yuliantine, Indasah & Siyoto, 2018) Assessment |BSBMKG501 Physical evidence/environment● In this highly competitive market, it is very important to have astrong and memorable present for the product so that consumer canidentify the product in these crowded market● For being unique and identifiable product organization can usebright color and unit shape of the productsProcess● Organization is required to complete the process of production anddelivery efficiently● Marketing process is also required to be effective to attract morepeople towards the organizationReferencesAnjani, H. D., Irham, I., & Waluyati, L. R. (2018). Relationship of 7PMarketing Mix and Consumers’ Loyalty in Traditional Markets. Agro Ekonomi,29(2), 261-273.Yuliantine, T., Indasah, I., & Siyoto, S. (2018). Analysis of marketing mixcharacteristics of marketing factor 7P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion,People, Process, Physical Building) to patient satisfaction of inpatient patienthospital Muhammadiyah Ahmad Dahlan Kediri City. Journal for Quality inPublic Health, 1(2), 50-57. ❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments) 6Briefly describe (in 40-50 words each) the following statistical methods and identifyone advantage of using each to evaluate data.Statistical methodDescription and one advantage in evaluating data opportunity Assessment |BSBMKG501 MeanThe arithmetic mean is an algebraic formula that is easy tocalculate. This is the simplest means to determine the aggregateand simple data. The calculation is based on the observations thatare given. The mathematical representation of mean is thesummation of all the values divided by the total number ofvalues. It is treated in a mathematical approach as it isconveniently used in statistical analysis. The calculation in thederailed distribution of numbers is known. For every data mean canbe calculated and it is least affected by fluctuation of data(MacDougall, 2021). Assessment |BSBMKG501 Standard deviationSD is the positive square root of the average of the deviations that are beingobserved in the analysis and is corrected with mean. The merits of SD Is it isbased on the observation in the given set of data and it is least affected by thefluctuation in the sampling methods. The measure of variance can be treatedas an algebraic index. Assessment |BSBMKG501 RegressionThe regression analysis helps in the determination of data sets andcrunches the numbers to help in the understanding of the datavariances to make better decisions in marketing management. Itcan predict the sales for the future, understanding inventory andsupply chain management. It helps in the understanding of therelationship between two variables. It provides the basis ofproductive analysis, operation efficiency, supporting decisions,correcting errors, and prediction of the future (Devkot &Howington, 2021) Assessment |BSBMKG501 Sample sizedeterminationThe sample size determination is based on the researchingpurpose. The sample size in the research is representative of thewholesome effect that is currently going on with the population.This helps in the implication of social variables and the coherenceof the research pragmatism with the viewpoints of the phony andsecondary data collection methods (Terrell, 2021).Hypothesis testingREFERENCESThe hypothesis testing helps in the understanding of how research objectivescan match or do not match with the variability and thinking of the research todictate a positive or negative outcome depending only on the researchcircumstances (Salvatore, 2021).MacDougall, M. (2021). Innovations and challenges in the teaching ofstatistics to non-specialists. Journal of University Teaching & LearningPractice, 18(2), 01.Devkot, M. L., & Howington, E. B. (2021). Using real estate data to improvebusiness student interpretation in regression. Journal of Statistics andManagement Systems, 1-18.Salvatore, D. P. (2021). Schaums outline of theory and problems of statisticsand econometrics.Terrell, S. R. (2021). Statistics translated: A step-by-step guide to analyzingand interpreting data. Guilford Press. ❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments)Assessment |BSBMKG501 7Briefly describe (in 30-40 words each) three (3) forecasting methods that can beused while evaluating marketing opportunities.Three different forecasting methods that can be used in the evaluation of marketing opportunities are asfollows:● Survey and methods of judgment forecasting techniques: help in the identification of customerand channel services with the sales force composites. The executive and expert opinion isincorporated in these forecasting methods to understand the marketing advantage.● The time series forecasting technique helps in the understanding of sales forecasts with trendanalysis. The rate of growth of the sales in the present and past do that it can be extrapolated tofuture studies. Time series helps in understanding the stable markets.● The correlation technique is one of the sophisticated means of forecasting models that help in theforecast of sales. The correlation analysis and trend analysis help in establishing the relationshipsbetween two non-parametric or parametric variables (Sohrabpour, Oghazi, Toorajipour &Nazarpour, 2021).REFERENCESohrabpour, V., Oghazi, P., Toorajipour, R., & Nazarpour, A. (2021). Export sales forecasting usingartificial intelligence. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 163, 120480. ❑Satisfactory ❑Not Satisfactory (Comments)Assessment |BSBMKG501Comments if the answer is not satisfactory This form is completed by the assessor and used for comments if the answer is notsatisfactoryQ.noCommentsQuestion 1:Question 2:Question 3:Question 4:Question 5:Question 6:Question 7: Assessment |BSBMKG501Assessment Outcome – Assessment 1 of 2 (To be completed by the Assessor) Assessment task:Question and AnswerStudent ID and nameUnit of CompetencyCode and Title:BSBMKG501 – Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesFeedback to student:Attempt 1 Assessment |BSBMKG501 Attempt 2Assessment Outcome: (tick)Attempt 1:☐ Satisfactory ☐ Not SatisfactoryAttempt 2:☐ Satisfactory ☐ Not SatisfactoryAssessor Name:Assessor Signature: Date: / / Assessment |BSBMKG501Assessment 2 – Project – Research, develop and present marketingopportunitiesInstructions for Students● This is the second of the two assessment tasks you must complete satisfactorily to bedeemed competent in this unit.● Parts of this task must be conducted in a simulated work environment, which will berecreated in the classroom by your assessor.● This assessment is made up of two (2) tasks.o Part A – Research and develop two marketing opportunities for CrossFit Endurance,and prepare a report on opportunitieso Part B – Make a presentation to stakeholders of CrossFit Endurance on marketingopportunities identified● You must attempt all criteria to the required standard (e.g. fulfil assessment criteriamentioned in the performance checklist) to be deemed satisfactory in this task.● You must complete this task by following all given instructions, for the trainer/assessorto assess competency in this assessment task.● Clearly label your work with name, unit code and unit title to all the documents andsheets that are attached to your submission.● Review the performance checklist for project & Role-play Observation Checklist so thatyou are familiar with the behaviours that you are expected to perform during theobservation.● Review other resources, tools, job aids that provide guidance related to the task youare going to perform.● Seek clarification regarding the assessment required to be done, if you do notunderstand the task.● Ask for reasonable time from Assessor for preparation of project or Assessment.● Seek information on additional reading material and reference for completion of theassessments.● Submit this document along with your assessment work.Applicable conditions● You will need to complete this project in your own time and submit it as per GenInstitute’srequirements.● You must complete the task independently.● You can refer to the textbook, learning materials or your research of external resourcesin completing this task.● Time limit for role plays is 10 minutes, unless otherwise specified.● The Trainer/Assessor may ask you relevant questions on this assessment task to ensurethat this is your own work, or to confirm your knowledge to close any gaps they mayidentify as not evidenced in your written responses.Assessment |BSBMKG501● The Trainer /Assessor will assess your practical skills, technique and knowledge as youcomplete this assessment task.● All criteria listed in the performance checklists guide must be completed satisfactorily tothe standard described.● No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task. The outcome of the task willbe Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory.● You must express all answers/responses in your own words or acknowledge the sourcesof reference materials used.● If you are found to have plagiarised or copied another student’s work, your assessmentsubmission will not be accepted (please refer to Gen’s Plagiarism Policy).Resources required for assessmentYou will need the following materials/ resources for this task:● Text books and other resources● Pen and paper● Access to Computer, Internet, Presentation equipment● Interaction with others● Appendix A:o Extract of CrossFit Endurance Business Plan for BSBMKG501o Three extracts from reports on global and Australian fitness industry trends● Appendix B:o CrossFit Endurance Risk Register Template for BSBMKG501Assessment |BSBMKG501ScenarioYou are the Marketing Manager of CrossFit Endurance.As part of the strategic plans of the business, the board of directors wants to expand theproduct and service range offered by CrossFit Endurance to include latest fitness industrytrends.CrossFit Endurance has 500 members across their three centres in Australia. At the end ofthe next financial year they aim to increase their client base by 30%.Over three years, CrossFit Endurance aims to increase their clients to 1000 acrossAustralia. A full membership is $1,100 per annum.CrossFit Endurance has a profit margin of 30% that they want to maintain or increase.Currently, CrossFit Endurance centres offer full suite gyms, personal training, and a fewgroup classes such as yoga and Zumba. The owners want to offer more value to its membersthrough different kinds of programs and group classes.The owners have also expressed an interest in producing CrossFit Endurance brandedtechnology (such as wearable devices, apps, etc.)Part AYou have been provided with extracts from reports on global and Australian fitness industrytrends (Appendix A).● Using these reports as a starting point, identify two (2) marketing opportunities forCrossFit Endurance.● One of your opportunities should be related to technology for CrossFit Endurance clients.The other opportunity you identify should be related to programming (types of workoutprograms and classes offered).● You must conduct further research of your own to support your findings.● Use the extract of CrossFit Endurance’s business plan in Appendix A to support yourresearch and analysis.● Prepare a report on your findings. Your report should be limited to 800 words.● Your report should include the following:o Industry analysis and marketing opportunities✔ description of marketing opportunities identified (include references to researchto back up your arguments)✔ SWOT analysis for each marketing opportunity✔ PESTLE analysis✔ competitors for each marketing opportunityAssessment |BSBMKG501✔ alignment of each opportunity with organisational objectives and capabilities(based on information in the scenario, as well as CrossFit Endurance’ businessplan)✔ innovative or creative approaches to each marketing opportunity, to differentiateCrossFit Endurance from competitorso Impact on current operations of each identified opportunity (taking into accountCrossFit Endurance’ membership goals)✔ changes required to current operations to implement each opportunity effectively(at least 3)✔ 2 quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that current and new customerscontinue to receive a high-quality experience✔ impact of each opportunity on organisation including:⮚ costs of production⮚ costs of organisation change⮚ human resources costs⮚ profit⮚ benefit to brand value✔ risks assessment of each opportunity (at least 2 risks for each opportunitydocumented in the Risk Register template in Appendix B)✔ cost benefit analysis (approximate) for each opportunity✔ probable Return on Investment (ROI) of each opportunity✔ ranking of opportunities, based on above factors, and recommendation for theselection of one marketing opportunity to develop immediately and the other in thelong term (you must provide a rationale for your selection).When calculating approximate costs, you must consider the 3-year customer base growthplan for CrossFit EnduranceWhen calculating approximate profits, consider the profit margin that CrossFit Enduranceexpects.Your report must include a references section with all the resources you have used for yourresearch, using the APA style of referencing.You must submit your report to your assessor.Assessment |BSBMKG501Performance Checklist and Assessment Outcome – Assessment 2, Part A Student ID and nameUnit code and titleBSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesCourse code and titleBSB50215 – Diploma of BusinessDid the student:SatisfactoryAnalyses market information to identify one marketing opportunitybased on technology, and one opportunity based on programming❒ Yes ❒ NoAnalyses SWOT for each market (technology and programming)❒ Yes ❒ NoAnalyses PESTLE factors that may affect development of marketingopportunities❒ Yes ❒ NoIdentifies alignment of opportunities with organisational goals❒ Yes ❒ NoIdentifies one innovative approach to differentiate CrossFit Endurancefrom competitors in each market (technology and programming)❒ Yes ❒ NoIdentifies three relevant changes required to organisationalinfrastructure to accommodate marketing opportunities❒ Yes ❒ NoIdentifies two quality assurance mechanisms❒ Yes ❒ NoUses financial goals to calculate potential costs of production andhuman resources❒ Yes ❒ NoUses information on membership fees and profit margin to calculatepotential profit❒ Yes ❒ NoAnalyses impact of changes on brand value❒ Yes ❒ NoPresents a risk assessment using the matrix supplied❒ Yes ❒ NoPresents a cost benefit analysis❒ Yes ❒ NoIdentifies a potential ROI in percentage❒ Yes ❒ NoRanks opportunities based on their costs, benefits, risks and changesrequired, and identifies one opportunity to pursue for the nextfinancial year❒ Yes ❒ NoUses clear language to organise information in the specified format❒ Yes ❒ NoFeedback to student: Assessment |BSBMKG501 Result: ◻ Satisfactory ◻ Not Satisfactory ◻ Not AssessedAssessor Declaration:I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with thisstudent, and I have provided appropriate feedback.Assessor Name:Assessor Signature: Date: / / Assessment |BSBMKG501Part B – Draft a market research plan for approvalBased on your report in Part A, prepare and deliver a presentation for owners of CrossFitEndurance.Your presentation must include:● opportunities identified and brief overview of supporting research● alignment of opportunities with CrossFit Endurance objectives and strategic goals● competitors in each market● creative approaches for differentiation in each market● impact on current business (changes to infrastructure, costs, quality assurancemechanisms, risks)● viability of marketing opportunities● ranking of opportunities andrecommendations This is a role play.Your classmates (or other volunteers) will play the roles of the one of the owners, and yourassessor will play the role of the second owner.The time limit for this presentation is 10 minutes.You must allow time for questions at the end of the presentation, and actively seek thefeedback of the owners, and approval to develop marketing opportunities as recommended.You will be assessed on your ability to:● present information clearly, in an interesting and engaging manner● present your ideas persuasively● use questioning and listening techniques to seek feedback and approval from theOwners.Assessment |BSBMKG501Role Play Observation Checklist and Assessment Outcome – Assessment 2, Part B Student ID and nameUnit code and titleBSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesCourse code and titleBSB50215 Diploma of BusinessDate of observationDuring the role play, did thestudent:Check (X)Comments(How did the student demonstratethis?)YNExplained the purpose and agenda ofthe meetingProvided an overview of the researchIdentified two marketingopportunitiesDescribed alignment of opportunitieswith CrossFit Enduranceobjectivesand strategic goalsIdentified competitors in eachmarket and creativeapproachesfordifferentiation in each marketDescribed impact on currentbusiness (changes toinfrastructure,costs,quality assurance mechanisms, risks)Discussed viability ofmarketing opportunitiesRanked opportunities and maderecommendations forimplementationPresented information and opinionsusing language and nonverbal features appropriate toaudienceEnsured presentation was suitablefor context and purpose Assessment |BSBMKG501 Used positive body language tofoster open communication in thegroupUsed questioning and active listeningto confirm understanding andapproval of the owners Assessment |BSBMKG501 Feedback to student:Result: ◻ Satisfactory ◻ Not Satisfactory ◻ Not AssessedAssessor Declaration:I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with thisstudent, and I have provided appropriate feedback.Assessor Signature: Date: / /Student DeclarationI have read and agree with this report.Student Signature: Date: / / Assessment |BSBMKG501Assessment Outcome Record – Assessment 2 of 2 (To be completed by the Assessor) Assessment task:Project : Research, develop and present marketing opportunitiesStudent Name and ID:Unit of CompetencyCode and Title:BSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesFeedback to student:Attempt 1:Attempt 2:Assessment Outcome: (tick)Attempt 1:☐ Satisfactory ☐ Not SatisfactoryAttempt 2:☐ Satisfactory ☐ Not SatisfactoryAssessor Name:Assessor Signature: Date: / / Assessment |BSBMKG501AppendicesAppendix A: Crossfit Endurance, Strategic Business Plan 2020-2021 ExtractBusiness detailsCrossfit Endurance is a CrossFit affiliate with three gym locations in and around Brisbane city,offering CrossFit and personal training in gymnasium settings.Business name: Endurance Group Pty Ltd.Trading name: CrossFit EnduranceDate registered: 1st March 2015Date of commencing operations: 1st February 2016Location: 123 Second Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000Business structure:Pty. Ltd.ABN:101 112 134GST: Registered for GST.Domain premisesCrossFit Endurance has three gyms, at the following locations:● CrossFit Endurance Brisbane City – 123 Second Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000● CrossFit Endurance Fortitude Valley – 1 Sample Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006● Crossfit Endurance Indooroopilly – 2 Any Street, Indooroopilly, QLD 4068Organisational structureAssessment |BSBMKG501Staff ProfilesVanessa ChoiVanessa is a co-owner of CrossFit Endurance.Vanessa has more than 20 years of experience in strength training coaching and 15 yearsof experience as a personal trainer, and gym management. Vanessa has been a CrossFitcoach for six years and decided to turn her passion for CrossFit into a business in 2016, inpartnership with Arvin Krishnan.Vanessa manages the class programming and operations management functions in thebusiness.In addition, Vanessa also coaches classes at the Brisbane CBD location of CrossFitEndurance. Qualifications and certifications:● Diploma of Fitness● CrossFit Level 2 Trainer CFL2Arvin KrishnanArvin is a co-owner of Crossfit Endurance, along with Vanessa Choi. Arvin has more than10 years of experience in the fitness industry in Australia and overseas. Arvin started hiscareer as a personal trainer, and quickly moved on to management roles in renowned fitnesscentre chains. Arvin has a thorough understanding of the operational and financialrequirements of a fitness centre chain.Arvin manages the finance functions in the business.In addition, Arvin also coaches classes at the Fortitude Valley location of CrossFit Endurance.Qualifications:● Certificate IV in Fitness● Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Maria LorenzoMaria is the head coach and centre manager at the Indooroopilly location of CrossFitEndurance.Maria has had five years of experience working at a CrossFit trainer, including two years asgym manager.Maria has the following qualifications and certifications:Assessment |BSBMKG501● CrossFit Level 1 trainer● Certificate IV in FitnessMarketing ManagerThe Marketing Manager works closely with the the business owners to create and implementmarketing strategies and plans. The Marketing Manager also manages the website andsocial media accounts of CrossFit Endurance.Minimum qualifications:● Bachelor of Business (Marketing)CoachesAll coaches have a minimum of one year’s experience as CrossFit trainers/ coaches orpersonal trainers.In addition, all coaches have the following certifications:● CrossFit Level 1 trainerRecruitment:All positions are recruited through word of mouth or advertising on job search platformssuch as descriptions with required qualifications, experience and Key Selection Criteria areprepared for all positions, and maintained in staff files.Product profileCrossFit Endurance gyms are a safe space for adults of all ages and fitness levels to engagein constantly varied high-intensity functional movement training, and build health andfitness skills for a better life.Training is conducted in two modes – group classes and personal training (PT).Training is conducted in specially fitted out CrossFit gyms, which have various weights,rowers and bikes, Olympic lifting platforms and gymnastic rigs.Unique selling position:Many CrossFit gyms are very strongly oriented towards serving experienced CrossFitathletes and gym-goers. This is reflected in the coaches they have, the marketingmessaging, and the ambience of the gyms.Assessment |BSBMKG501However, CrossFit Endurance fosters a strong spirit of community and inclusivity, making ita safe space for people who are not athelets or are just starting out on their fitness journeyto begin training.The company hires coaches who are approachable and have proven abilities to adaptprograms for clients of all fitness levels.Each day’s workout is split into three modes – from beginner, intermediate and advanced.In each group there is a mix of fitness levels, and coaches actively encourage experiencedand inexperienced clients to train together to build respect and acceptance of all abilities.There are many members with physical and intellectual disabilities who train regularly ingroup classes.Services such as child minding and children’s CrossFit classes are available on weekends toencourage families to participate in training.Marketing messaging is focused on encouraging everyone of all fitness levels to participatein improving their health and fitness.OperationsIncome streams:The primary source of income for the company is membership and client attendance atCrossFit Endurance.However, 3% – 4% of the company’s revenue comes from merchandise and retail sales,including food, drink and supplements, as well as CrossFit Endurance t-shirts and hoodies.Key costs:Rent and staffing are the biggest ongoing costs to the organisation.CrossFit facilities typically require large floor spaces, and these are more expensive to rentin inner city locations of Brisbane CBD and Fortitude Valley.CrossFit Endurance has a low coach turnover rate as coaches are paid competitively.Coaches are paid at $70 per hour. In addition, CrossFit Endurance will also cover certificationfees for certain coaches, to upgrade their qualifications. These fees are typically $1000 perperson.Assessment |BSBMKG501Marketing strategy:All locations of CrossFit Endurance are listed on CrossFit website. This helps potential clientsfind out about the company.There is a website developed with inputs from an SEO consultant, and a listing on GoogleMaps.The company also uses social media such as Instagram and Facebook, to promote memberprofiles and tips on health, fitness and nutrition, in order to give potential customers aglimpse of the culture at CrossFit Endurance.S.W.O.T. analysis StrengthsWeaknesses● Low staff turnover● High client participation inscheduled classes andspecial events● Strong community and cultureof acceptance and inclusivity● Highly experiencedand dedicated staff● High costs associated withcustomised, personalservice● Staff resistant to changeOpportunitiesThreats● Development of broader rangeof programs for diverseclientele, diverging fromCrossFit, such as:o yogao functional fitness forolder adults● Development of new programsand clientele in Indooroopilly● Rise of cheaper trainingoptions such as yoga or F45 Vision statementTo establish CrossFit Endurance as the largest CrossFit affiliate in Queensland, in terms ofmembership size.Mission statementTo provide the highest quality fitness experience in the following ways:● ensure coaches have CrossFit skills as well as strong communication skills● ensure that all members receive both individual attention and a sense of community ina group setting to maximise motivationAssessment |BSBMKG501● ensure that equipment and programming is on par with standards in the CrossFit industryStrategic goals –2021● CrossFit Endurance has 500 members across their three centres in Australia.● By the end of financial year 2021, Endurance group aims to:● At the end of the next financial year they aim to increase their client base by 30% to650 clients.● Over three years, CrossFit Endurance aims to increase their clients to 1000 acrossAustralia.● CrossFit Endurance has a profit margin of 30% that they want to maintain or increase.Opportunities for growthIn 2020 and 2021, Crossfit Endurance will develop a program called Mindfully Fit to beoffered in addition to existing programs. The program will consist of:● Low intensity frequently varied functional training for adults with special needs,combining strength training, mobility training, yoga and mindfulness. ● Low intensity frequently varied functional training for adults that combinescardiostrength.and Both these programs will be actively marketed to the target groups to build awareness andincrease membership.In addition, the company has considered the prospect of opening up their facilities for 24/7.In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of fitness businessesdelivering services in an unsupervised environment.The main advantage is that offering a 24/7 open facility acts as a great retention tool forexisting members. It also attracts busy professionals who may wish to use the facilities forlow impact exercise at their own convenience. It is also a good opportunity to monetise theexisting facilities and equipment.It will also project an image of Endurance CrossFit as accessible.The company will need to conduct appropriate risk analysis and feasibility studies before ittakes any steps in these directions.Assessment |BSBMKG501Appendix B: Risk Register Template IDENTIFIEDRISKSLIKELIHOODIMPACTRISKRATING(L X I=RR)CONTROL MEASURESEFFECTIVENSSOF CONTROLMEASURESRESPONSIBILITYExposuretohazardoussubstances224● Where possible,substitute safermaterials for hazardoussubstances (e.g.replacing harsh cleaningchemicals with milderones).● Ensure Material SafetyData Sheets (MSDSs)are readily accessiblewhere employees areworking withchemicals.● Ensure employees aretrained on safe use ofhazardous substances.GoodCentreManagers Assessment |BSBMKG501Assessment |BSBMKG501 IDENTIFIEDRISKSLIKELIHOODIMPACTRISKRATING(L X I=RR)CONTROL MEASURESEFFECTIVENSS OFCONTROLMEASURESRESPONSIBILITY Assessment |BSBMKG501 LegendLikelihoodRare Unlikely Moderate Likely CertainThe eventmay occur inexceptionalcircumstances.The eventcould occur atsome time.The event willprobably occurat some time.The event willoccur in mostcircumstances.The event isexpected tooccur in allcircumstances.ConsequenceLevel 1 2 3 4 5Negligible 0No injuries. Low financial loss. 0 0 0 0 0MinorFirst-aid treatment. Moderate financialloss.Serious 2Medical treatment required. Highfinancial loss. Moderate environmentalimplications. Moderate loss ofreputation.Moderate business interruption.2 4 6 8 10Major 3Excessive, multiple long term injuries.Major financial loss. Highenvironmental implications. Major lossof reputation.Major business interruption.3 6 9 12 15Fatality 4 11 2 3 4 5 Assessment |BSBMKG501Single death.48 12 16 20Multiple fatalities 5Assessment |BSBMKG501 Multiple deaths and serious long terminjuries.5 10 15 20 25RiskratingRiskpriorityDescription0NNo risk: The costs to treat the risk are disproportionately high compared to the negligibleconsequences.1 – 3LLow risk: May require consideration in any future changes to the work area or processes, or canbe fixed immediately.4 – 6MModerate: May require corrective action through planning and budgeting process.8 – 12HHigh: Requires immediate corrective action.15 – 25EExtreme: Requires immediate prohibition of the work process and immediate corrective action.Effectiveness ratingDescriptionPoorcontrol is not addressing the risk (High risk level is not changing)Faircontrol is addressing the risk, but is not considered effectiveGoodcontrol effective in addressing risk (risk level is considered acceptable) Assessment | BSBMKG501Appendix C: Market InformationUse the following articles and webpages as a starting point for your research:Australian Institute of Fitness. (2016). Top Fitness Trends for 2017.Accessed at: Institute of Fitness. (2016). Top Fitness Trends for 2017.Accessed at: Australia. (2016). Fitness Australia Annual Report 2016-17. Alexandria: NSW.Accessed at: Australia. (2016). “Fitness Businesses”, Profile of the Fitness Industry inAustralia. Alexandria: NSW. Accessed at: Report-2016-Section-2-Digital.pdfFitness Australia. (2016). “Trends in Fitness”, Profile of the Fitness Industry inAustralia. Alexandria: NSW. Accessed at: Report-2016-Section-4-Digital.pdfThompson, Walter, R. (2017). “WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF FITNESS TRENDS FOR 2018:The CREP Edition”, ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal: November/ December 2017, V.21( no. 6). Pp 10 –19. Accessed at: The. 6.aspxWellness Creative Co. (2018). Fitness Industry Statistics: [Growth, Trends &Resources 2018]. Accessed at: Creative Co. (2017). 25+ Free Fitness Marketing Ideas.Accessed at:


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