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WEEK 8 – TASK 8.1PPass Task.Release Date: 10 May, Due Date: 24 May, End Date: 31 May.Learning OutcomesIn this task, you will learn more about Hash and Authentication. This task extends theconcepts covered in lectures of Week 7 and 8. This task is the only pass task in SIT182 thatinvolved practising research skills in cyber security, including the ability to use textbookreferences.InstructionsAn answer sheet template is available on OnTrack as a `Resources’. Pleasedownload the answer sheet and fill it with your answers. To upload on OnTrack, youneed to convert the answer sheet template document to PDF. MS Word includesbuilt-in PDF conversation capability.All 14 questions of this task must be attempted.Remember that troubleshooting technical problem is part of learning in this field. Youmust patiently work through issues and solve these. Tasks are not a step-by-step guide. Youneed to be in the driver seat and learn concepts by doing – as you would when you start yourfuture job (many times, even your future supervisor doesn’t know the answer to problemsyou face). After patent troubleshooting and research, if you need help:Help is always available in SIT182. Please go to Discussions and ask your questionsabout this task in Task 8.1P. All students are encouraged to participate and help peerswith their questions. Helping others is a great way to learn and think about aspectsyou may have overlooked. You can also seek help from tutors during online and faceto-face pracs. Please do not raise your questions through Teams, OnTrack, or Email.References In cyber security, our preferred referencing style is IEEE – however, you areallowed to use any Deakin approved referencing style in this unit. Please refer to unit site >Content > Referencing – Hints & Tips for more information.SIT182 – Real World Practices for Cyber this task, you will experience a little more of the cryptography world. We recommendthat you pour a cup of your favourite hot drink in your favourite mug and have peacefulbackground music played in the background when working on math-based questions.To complete this task, you will need to complete a set of questions related to hashing andauthentication as available in Chapter 20 of Introduction to computer networks andcybersecurity / Chwan-Hwa (John) Wu, Auburn University, J. David Irwin, Auburn University.This book is accessible via Deakin Library in e-format. Please find a direct link below: the above link didn’t work, you can try to access the book either using the Deakin librarywebsite or by following the steps below:Open the unit site for SIT182. Click on “Content” and the “Reading List”. Click on theReading List link.Next, as shown in the following image, click on the “View Online” link for “Introduction toComputer Networks and Cybersecurity” by Chwan-Hwa Wu.SIT182 – Real World Practices for Cyber will be shown the e-version of the book. Scroll down to Chapter 20 Problems and thenclick on the link.SIT182 – Real World Practices for Cyber complete this task, you will need to answer 13 questions from the problemsavailable at the end of Chapter 20: 20.2, 20.3, 20.4, 20.5, 20.6, 20.11, 20.12, 20.13,20.14, 20.15, 20.16, 20.17, and 20.18. You will also need to answer the reflectionquestion available at the end of this task sheet.Note: Please ensure that you type your answers in a Word document (i.e., no scanfrom paper allowed) and convert the file to PDF before submitting it to OnTrack.How to answer the questions?University education is about more than technical knowledge; a degree indicates that youcan act as an independent learner gaining and building knowledge and skills on your own.One crucial skill all cyber security professionals and IT professionals need is the ability to learnfrom textbooks, references, and other written forms. This task is designed to help provideyou with strategies and feedback on developing these skills while also allowing you to learnfurther about hashing and authentication.Students aiming for Credit and above have already completed a few tasks that involvedreading through a textbook and extract the knowledge required to answer questions.However, if you are aiming for a Pass in SIT182, this is your only task of this nature. Hence,you may find the following guides helpful when reading through a lengthy textbook chapter:1. more help• After you finish reading the textbook chapter, you may still need help with answeringthe questions. Mr Sachin Clement (one of the tutors of SIT182) has created a helpvideo for this task that you may find helpful: video is also available under Content > Help Point > Week 8 on the unit site.• You can also attend an in-person prac as per your enrolment or attend any of theonline pracs during the week to seek help from the tutors.(see next page)SIT182 – Real World Practices for Cyber question: We are now in the final week of tasks for SIT182 – remember when hada task on basic Linux commands? It seems that was ages ago!Cryptography is among the most interesting domains of cyber security. Here is a fascinatingtalk by the Cryptography legend, Prof. Dan Boneh of Stanford University, which you may findinteresting: If you found the previous talkvery difficult and filled with math, watch this second video You can always come back to the firstvideo after studying units such as SIT192 and SIT281.Compared to other concepts covered in this unit, how exciting do you find Cryptography?How difficult/easy did you find this task compared with other tasks you have worked on inthis unit?


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