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©ACU 2021 1BIOL121 ASSIGNMENT 3: Written assessment Due date:Weighting:Length and/or format:Purpose:Tuesday 8th June 2021 4.00pm35%1200-word written essayThe essay allows you to demonstrate your integrated knowledge ofthe anatomical and physiological workings of the healthy humanbody.Choose ONE of the three scenarios provided.Carefully read all materials provided for your chosen scenario.Use the Word template provided to complete your essay on your chosenInstructions: scenario. You will need to research the topic beyond your lecture andworkshop material. It is highly recommended that you start with thetextbook.Include in text citations in your essay and a reference list at the end.How to submit: Submit online through the Turnitin link provided on LEO.For submission please name the file with your student number and casestudy topic e.g. S00123456_JANEImportant to note:You MUST write an essay and your answers MUST relate to the person in your chosen scenario.• This assessment involves addressing a series of topics in the form of an essay. The topicsrelate directly to the scenarios presented.• Your discussion must be specific for the person in your chosen scenario, marks will not begiven where your essay does not relate to the person in the scenario.• The topics addressed in your chosen scenario must be integrated into an essay, whichshould include an appropriate introduction and conclusion.• You can present the information in the order that you feel flows best; you don’t have topresent it in the order the topics are listed.• Your discussion of key points must be incorporated into sentences and paragraphs thatinclude facts from your chosen scenario. If presented in question-answer style no marks willbe given for quality of essay.The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding ofNORMAL anatomy and physiology.• Do not become distracted describing pathophysiological changes• Do not simply list clinical signs and symptoms.• Ensure you adequately explain relevant underlying anatomy and physiology.©ACU 2021 2Case Study: RaymondRaymond is a 52yo male office worker who lives alone. He has come to see his GP today for a check-up. Ithas been some time since Raymond attended the clinic and you note when weighing him that he has gaineda significant amount of weight, and he doesn’t present as the fit athletic person that you remember. Hementions that he doesn’t cook much and relies on the take-away shop around the corner for most of hisfood these days.He tells you that he is very happy, having just returned from a trip to Cusco, Peru (3400 m above sea level)with his new girlfriend. While he thoroughly enjoyed the trip, he did mention that he found it more difficultthan normal to breathe there and that his knee joint pain has flared up again. His relationship with hisgirlfriend has developed quickly and they are both keen to start a family. However, Raymond reports some‘difficulty performing’ and they have not been successful in conceiving yet. Raymond thought it was hisprostate giving him trouble, but with urging from his girlfriend he bought some Viagra nasal spray over theinternet.Physical examination: Height173 cmWeight92 kgAppearanceClean, dry skin, significant weight gainTemperature37.6◦CBlood workBlood type = A+Fasting BGL = 7.2 mmol/LTSH = 1.2 mU/LBlood Testosterone levels = 154 ng/dLGnRH = lowHR80 bpmBP130/90 mm HgRespiratory rate16 bpmDietLow fibre, high fatPast patient historyKnee joint pain from previous injurySocial statusLiving at home, sexually active Urinalysis: Blood–Bilirubin–Urobilinogen0.1Ketone–Protein+Nitrite–Glucose+pH6.0Specific Gravity1.015Leucocytes+ ©ACU 2021 3All topics and their key points listed below need to be discussed in your essayTopic 1: Respiratory (8 marks total)Describe the changes in volume and pressure that will be occurring in Raymond’s chest cavity to achieveinhalation while hiking through the mountains around Cusco. Explain why these changes are occurring, andthe effect upon airflow. (5 marks)Describe the gas exchange occurring between air in Raymond’s alveoli and his pulmonary blood. Discuss howthe rate of gas exchange was affected when Raymond was in Cusco at high altitude compared to sea level. (3marks)Topic 2: Cardiovascular (5 marks total)Consider Raymond’s blood pressure measurement and discuss whether the mean arterial pressure is likelyto be varied from normal. In your discussion you must include (a) reference to a change in vessel diameterwith age and (b) explain whether the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system or natriuretic peptides willdominate to correct Raymond’s blood pressure. Explain the role of your chosen system in blood pressurehomeostasis. (5 marks)Topic 3: Reproduction (10 marks total)Raymond and his girlfriend are keen to start a family but have had no success so far.Considering Raymond’s blood test results, indicate whether there is need for further investigation. Yourdiscussion should include the homeostatic regulation of male reproductive physiology and the relevantglands, cells, and hormones. (10 marks)Topic 4: Pharmacology (7 marks total)Raymond has indicated that he is using Viagra nasal spray.Discuss the route of administration, how the drug is likely to be absorbed after administration, and its likelybioavailability. Justify your response by discussing whether the drug would be subjected to hepatic first pass.(4 marks)Discuss the importance of the half-life of a drug. Assuming there is 100% absorption, and the half-life ofViagra is 4 hours, calculate the % of drug that is likely to be present in Raymond’s blood after 16 hours. (3marks)


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