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24/05/2021 AccountingPodhttps://learn.accountingpod.com/learn/course/bb9605af-392e-46cc-b4a4-08d8e78ab010/1003ad1d-3d34-4283-a379-93f8c5a5ae6a;actionID=ebd3c56… 1/3Xero#1 – Xero Assessment AUS E Back to ModulesOverview TasksYou are taking the advisor role for the Xero Assessment AUS ledger.Tasks1 Financial Settings Technical2 Organisation Settings Technical3 Tax Settings Technical4 Chart of Accounts Technical5 Entering opening balances Technical24/05/2021 AccountingPodhttps://learn.accountingpod.com/learn/course/bb9605af-392e-46cc-b4a4-08d8e78ab010/1003ad1d-3d34-4283-a379-93f8c5a5ae6a;actionID=ebd3c56… 2/36 Inventory Items Technical7 Purchase of Inventory Technical8 Inventory sales and service provided Technical9 Cash Purchase of Equipment Technical10 Fixed Assets Settings Technical11 Adding a Fixed Asset and Run Depreciation Technical12 Recording Money Transactions Technical13 Issue credit note to customers Technical14 Another service provided Technical15 Write off a bad debt Technical16 Manual journal adjusting entries Technical17 Purchase Return Technical18 Aged Payables Technical19 Aged Receivables Technical20 Review Your Work – Trial Balance Technical21 Pro}t and Loss Technical22 Balance Sheet Technical24/05/2021 AccountingPodhttps://learn.accountingpod.com/learn/course/bb9605af-392e-46cc-b4a4-08d8e78ab010/1003ad1d-3d34-4283-a379-93f8c5a5ae6a;actionID=ebd3c56… 3/323 Chart of accounts Quiz24 GP % Quiz25 New GP% Quiz26 Cash Movement Quiz27 Overall budget Technical28 Another month Technical29 Variance report 1 Quiz30 Variance report 2 Quiz31 Feedback ReviewWrap upPrivacy Policy © 2021 – AccountingPod


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