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Assessment 3: Strategy document (instructions) IMPORTANT: The new submission due date for Assessment 3 is 30th May (Sunday). Task description: Explain and apply the CADDIE business-marketing planning process to your chosen organisation from assessment 2. CADDIE process is detailed in section 3 of the e-book. Scenario for the task: Your organisation’s* (Village Cinemas) marketing manager is very impressed with your presentation of blueprinting of customer experience for the organisation. He now wishes to know more about the marketing strategy planning process and has asked you to prepare a document detailing the strategy development process which can be used as a roadmap for developing the organisation’s future marketing strategy. Your task is to explain and apply the CADDIE process to your chosen organisation* and write the strategy document. Your document should be structured as follows: Title pageExecutive summaryTable of contentsIntroduction to the [insert your chosen organisation’s name]The CADDIE business-marketing planning processExplain what is the CADDIE processApplication of CADDIE process to [insert your chosen organisation’s name]How [insert your chosen organisation’s name] can apply each of the six steps of the CADDIE processConclusionReferences *Please use the same organisation you completed Assessment 2 on for Assessment 3. Preparation Before starting this assignment, you should have studied and understood the CADDIE process as discussed in section 3 of the textbook. Assignment instructions For this assignment, you are required to show your understanding of the CADDIE process. Major emphasis should be on being able to apply the CADDIE process to your chosen organisation. Remember, you are assisting the organisation to develop a sustainable marketing strategy development process. Assessment 3 Audio discussion Texts and Resources The marketing textbook for the unit is, The marketing concept [e-book], 8th edition (2021) and is available free of charge from the companion web-site The e-book is the primary source of material for this unit and the study schedule follows the modules and chapters.


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