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5/30/2021 1/9UNIT : SITXINV002 – MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF PERISHABLE ITEMS INSTRUCTIONCOURSE : SIT40516 – CERTIFICATE IV IN COMMERCIAL COOKERYNOTE :ALL ANSWERS ARE COMPULSARY TO SUBMIT AN ASSESSMENTAssessment Questions#1.Why are date code labels used in food packaging in Australia? In about 75-100 wordsWords:0Answer Here#2.List four pieces of information you might record on a label for items to be frozen, which willassist with easier identification later?Words:0Answer Here#3.What is the purpose of food rotation labels? In about 50-70 wordsWords:0Answer Here#4.What does the term “wastage” refer to in a commercial catering organisation? What is theimportance of avoiding wastage in a commercial kitchen operation? in about 50 wordsWords:0Answer Here#5.According to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, explain the meaning of thefollowing.Contaminant – :Student PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 2/9Answer HereWords:0Contamination- :Answer HereWords:0Potentially hazardous food– :Answer HereWords:0#6.Provide 3 reasons why food needs to be protected from contaminationWords:0Answer Here#7.How can food be protected from contamination? (provide three examples)Words:0Answer Here#8.List 3 different types of contamination? How are these caused?Words:0Answer Here#9.List three examples of items that can cause physical contamination of foodStudent PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 3/9Words:0Answer Here#10.What is the difference between ‘use by’ date and ‘best before’ dates?in about 75-100 wordsWords:0Answer Here#11.Briefly explain the FIFO method of stock rotation in about 50 wordsWords:0Answer Here#12.List the suitable storage area, provision for correct storage (e.g. sanitised container) and typicalstorage temperatures for each of the commodities listed in the table. Explain how these storageareas should be prepared prior to storing food items following a delivery. CommodityStorage areaStorage temperatureStorage provisionVegetablesBeveragesDairy productsCanned productsDry goods Student PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 4/9 CommodityStorage areaStorage temperatureStorage provisionCooked Food ItemsFrozen goodsFruitMeatOilsPoultrySeafoodVacuumed sealeditems #13.Why must refrigerated food items be held between 0-5 degrees?(in 10-20 words)Answer Here#14.List the food safety standards regarding each of the following in regards to storing perishablefood supplies:Appropriate storage containers :Answer HereWords:0Food labels :Student PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 5/9Answer HereWords:0Write briefly about Storage conditions and temperature requirements of following:- a. Cool room: b.Freezer: c. Dry store: :Answer HereWords:0Cleanliness and sanitation :Answer HereWords:0What to do with contaminated items :Answer HereWords:0Quarantining and examples of items to be quarantined :Answer HereWords:0#15.Name the program which contains all the information for maintaining and recording deliveriesand temperatures?Words:0Answer Here#16.For the items listed below, list at least 1 indicator of spoilage and contamination of the followingperishable supplies ItemIndicators of spoilage and contamination Student PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 6/9 ItemIndicators of spoilage and contaminationFresh PotatoesFresh PearsPistachio nutsHoneyPlain flourCheddar cheeseCryovac beef bladeFresh Salmon #17.What is enzymic browning and how does it affect the quality of a food item? Explain in about 50words.Words:0Answer Here#18.Other than enzymic browning, what are three other quality issues that could adversely affect thequality of perishable supplies?Words:0Answer HereStudent PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 7/9#19.What should you do if a packet of flour has been infested by weevils?Mention two points. Whowould you report the infestation to?Words:0Answer Here#20.How would you dispose of kitchen waste and potentially hazardous substances according toenvironmental requirements and to prevent potential contamination in a food production area?Explain in about 100-150 words.Words:0Answer Here#21.List three indicators of spoilage and contamination of perishable supplies.Words:0Answer Here#22.When should you reject a delivered item? List five situations.Words:0Answer Here#23.What date codes are often already provided on perishable food packaging by the manufacturer?Words:0Answer Here#24.List four pieces of information you might record on a label for items to be frozen, which willassist with easier identification later?Student PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 8/9Words:0Answer Here#25.How can you avoid cross-contamination when storing your perishable supplies? (in 40-60words)Words:0Answer Here#26.What are the food safety procedures and standards for storage of perishable supplies in terms oftemperature, humidity, light and ventilation? In about 150 words.Words:0Answer Here#27.Provide 5 examples of indicators of whether the stock is spoiled or contaminated.Words:0Answer Here#28.What checks should be performed before rejecting? Mention three checks.Words:0Answer Here#29.What is the general procedure for rejecting perishable supplies? Explain in about 100 words.Answer HereStudent PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New5/30/2021 9/9I acknowledge that I understand the requirements to complete the assessment tasks. Theassessment process including the provisions for re-submitting and academic appeals were explainedto me and I understand these processes. I understand the consequences of plagiarism and confirm thatthis is my own work and I have acknowledged or referenced all sources of information I have used forthe purpose of this assessmentWords:0#30.What are two quality checks you should do on perishable supplies? List any 3.Words:0Answer HereSubmit Cancel© 2021All rights reservedStudent PortalMy ProfileTraining PlanSupport New


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