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First Diet – OMAN – CENU/GCU Instructions: The examination is scheduled as an Open Book Exam. It will take place during the allocated exam week. The exam will be released 72 hours before the submission date. As such, the exam will be released on GCULearn and via GCULearn student emails at 10am (UK time) on 27th May 2021 and must be completed and submitted into Turnitin by 10am (UK time) on 30th May 2021.ONLY submit once – no option for a draft version. Answer all Questions in Section A Answer two (2) Questions from Section B SECTION A Section A (Compulsory Question – all parts must be answered) TOTAL 40 Marks Define business process reengineering and why it is important for business. Use an applied international company example to demonstrate the application of this concept. [20 Marks] Use SCAMPER to explain how an organisation can gain a competitive advantage through innovating its products or services. [20 Marks] SECTION B Section B (Answer any TWO Questions) TOTAL 30 Marks Using company examples and with reference to the BCG, critically evaluate to what extent product development can be seen as an appropriate strategy for a growth market. [15 Marks] Critically evaluate the implications of adopting a differentiation strategy in terms of adding value for the customer and operational issues for the company. Use examples to illustrate your main points. [15 Marks] Disruptive technology is the reason for the prosperity of developed countries. Discuss this statement in relation to disruptive technology and any developed country example. [15 Marks] Discuss the principles of total quality management and benchmarking. How did TQM help Japan and Germany dominate world markets? [15 Marks]


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