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Simple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder communityforestry management platformTreeO2Community Forestry Management PlatformBy xpand FoundationSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestrymanagement platformTreeO2Community Forestry ManagementPlatformBy xpand FoundationSimple action | Many people | Big impactTreeO2Community Forestry Management PlatformBy xpand FoundationTreeO2 is a new community forestrymanagement platform to managesmallholder tree and carbon farming.Using a smartphone and RFID technologyit is a complete forest inventorymanagement tool.It introduces a new level of accountability,transparency and efficiency intosmallholder tree and carbon farming.Simple action | Many people | Big impactxpand FoundationThe xpand Foundation is an Australian social enterprise committed to an inclusive society byencouraging social inclusion of disadvantaged people to build their social and economicparticipation in a society committed to a green future. The Foundation has been engaged withcommunity forestry in Timor-Leste since 2009.Working with smallholder subsistence farming communities WithOneSeed is dedicated to improvingthe resilience of rural and subsistence communities through the creation of activities focused onsocial and economic participation for all people irrespective of location, ability, income or education.Smallholder community forestrymanagement platformSimple action | Many people | Big impactWithOneSeedReplenishing the planetBy xpand FoundationImpactThe xpand Foundation throughWithOneSeed has been developing andrunning the largest internationallycertified community lead agroforestryprogram in Timor-Leste since 2010.• Over 980 Baguia farmers earning anannual income from communityforestry• Around 200,000 trees undermanagement with 40,000 added eachyear.• Over 60,000 t CO2e removed from theglobal atmosphere• More than 25,000 carbon credits soldinternationally to companies andindividuals committed to carbondrawdown• Achieved the internationally certifiedcarbon forestry program under theGold Standard Foundation in 2016 andhas achieved the requiredperformance audits in 2017 and 2019.• MOU with the Government of theDemocratic Republic of Timor-Leste.• Over US$300,000 paid into the Baguiavillage economy• Over 5% of Baguia farmers directlybenefiting financially fromWithOneSeed flowing on to just under30% of the population.• 15 permanent full-time jobs and 30casual jobs created in WithOneSeed• Three primary nurseries and 18 subnurseries producing over 50,000saplings a year.• Established the John Tadeo GusmaoAgroforestry and Permaculture TrainingCentre in Baguia.•Baguia Farmer Finance Cooperativeestablished.•Internationally recognised Master TreeGrowers agroforestry training programestablished in Baguia and Covalima.•10 of the 17 United NationsSustainable Development Goals beingaddressed by WithOneSeedSmallholder community forestrymanagement platformSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestrymanagement platformWepropagateWe have 18 plantnurseriespropagatingaround 40,000saplings a year.FarmersgrowFarmers are givenup to 500 saplingsand they plantand manage themon their ownsmallholder farms.We measureand reportWe then use theTreeO2 app totrack and measurethe trees andgrowth rates. Weuse this data toknow how manytrees havesurvived, thegrowth rate andtherefore thecarbon store. Thisdata is also usedto pay farmers.Farmers getpaidThey are paid onthe firstanniversary ofplanting and everyyear after the treestays alive.OffsetCredits aresoldCarbon creditsfrom the newforests are soldon theinternationalcarbon markets.WithOneSeedHow it worksOver 950 Baguia tree farmersare given up to 500 trees togrow on their smallholderfarms.We propagate over40,000 saplings a yearin 18 village nurseriesSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryWithOneSeed management platformAchievements to dateWe use TreeO2 tomeasure and report200,000 trees undermanagementOver 80,000 tonnes ofCO2 removed from theglobal atmosphereNearly US $300,000 paid into theBaguia village economy since 2010;just under 30% of the populationbenefitting10 of the 17 UNSustainable DevelopmentGoals addressed byWithOneSeedSmall-scale landholder subsistence farmers are the largestgroup of landholders in Timor-Leste and the developingworld. Because of their near total dependence on the landand lack of resources to adapt to climate change,smallholders are highly vulnerable to climate change.Sustainable land management, particularly forestry andagroforestry offer an important opportunity forsmallholders to build resilience and adapt to climatechange by generating income from mitigation actions.Land degradation is a major problem in developingcountries and will only be exacerbated by climate change.Forestry and agroforestry are important tools forcombatting degradation and adapting to climate changethrough more resilient landscapes and incomes. Securingviable incomes for small scale forestry is extremely difficultfor smallholders as the income from traditional forestry(e.g., timber) is often too low and slow. One relatively newmechanism for creating regular, viable incomes fromsmallholder forests is the generation of carbon offsetsthrough voluntary carbon markets.Simple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management platformContextA key element of the WithOneSeedcommunity forestry model is that it monitorson an annual bases; the allocation ofsaplings to each farmer, the survival rates oftrees on each smallholder farmer and growthrates of the trees on each small holder farm.This model provides a robust, transparent,accountable and accurate measure of thesuccess of reforestation activities and thecarbon sequestration. This information iscritical to the environmental and financialbenefits derived by the program to thecommunity. There is no other reforestationprogram that we know of that records thisdata so carefully and consistently.Simple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestrymanagement systemTreeO2Community forestry managementA web-based dashboard formanaging community forestryinventory including trees by species,the carbon stored in the new forests,tree owners and income earnedA smartphone app for capturingdata in the forest and sending it tothe cloud-based server.A serverless cloud databaseElements – farmer ID card, RFID nailsand smartphone.Simple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management systemElementsSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management platformSix steps1. Farmer registration2. Tree tagging3. Annual tree count4. Data collection5. Data sync6. TreeO2 DashboardAll participating tree farmers areregistered in the TreeO2 Dashboardand given a unique ID card.Registration includes a photo and bioof the participating farmer.FARMER VALIDATION – HMI staff visitfarmer and validate the farmer into theTreeO2 App using farmer ID card.TAGGING – HMI staff and the farmergeotag all trees over 1 year old.Once all the geotagged trees on thefarm have been scanned and measuredthe HMI staff sync the TreeO2 App tothe cloud database. If there is nointernet available at the time this can bedone when the HMI staff return to theHMI office.TreeO2 system administrator checks alldata is synced and confirms totals withthe farmer via the responsible HMI staffThe TreeO2 dashboard provides acentral repository for all the communityforestry data. The data is presentedvisually including the use of maps thatshow planting areas and photos andBios of participating farmers. All data isavailable via the TreeO2 dashboard isavailable for review and analysisFARMER VALIDATION – HMI staff visitfarmer and validate the farmer ID cardTREE MONITORING AND DBHMEASUREMENT – HMI staff with thefarmer scan all trees with geotags usingthe TreeO2 AppFor an Individual Tree:•Unique Identifier of the tree•Date the tree was planted•Tree species•GPS location of tree•Which farmer owns the tree•Individual inspection date of each tree•Tree auditor responsible for count•Photo of the treeFor a farmer:•Unique Identifier of for the farmer•Name•Address•Short bio information•Photo of farmer•List of trees that a farmer owns•Payments due to each farmerSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management platformData collectedFor an annual tree inspection:•Manually measure tree circumference•Photograph of the individual tree•GPS Location of tree recording•Date and time of recordingFor program management:•Total trees under management•Total trees inspected•Total number of participating farmers•Growth rates for each species•Number of trees by location•Total annual tree payment•Total annual carbon store•Each farmer payment informationSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management systemData collected•Unique identity for each farmer•Unique identity for each tree•Record and associate GPS coordinates withtrees•Growth rates of trees during audits•Photographic evidence of each tree•Removes user error for recording of data•Cross validate the imputed data withvalidation rules and image recognition•Record of trees per farmer•Record of trees per inspection•Record of trees per species•Record of trees per location•Records total trees under managementSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management systemReportingTreeO2 is a SaaS implementation.The TreeO2 community forestry management platformis delivered as a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) platformproviding full community forestry management system.TreeO2 is hosted on the AWS server-less cloudplatform. The TreeO2 community forestry managementsystem is owned by the xpand Foundation and accessis provided through an annual subscription.The copyright in TreeO2 is held by the xpandFoundation.For further information:Andrew Mahar AMp: +61 (0)401009242e: [email protected]net.auSimple action | Many people | Big impactSmallholder community forestryTreeO2 management systemSaaS implementation


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