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Part 3 Developing the apps Given the REST API and its potential to support applications such as those you have developed, how can the company go forward? The company has decided to invest in some new systems and technology, and has identified a set of issues that it believes are central to developing a better solution in the medium term. These are: dealing with legal issues and security risks. The company will be storing data about clients such as contact details, bank details and transaction records, as well as the catalogue of products, stock and order details.providing appropriate and reliable storage with backup and security for this, and maintaining the accuracy and consistency of data across applicationspotential costs and savings of implementing or using new technology, staffing, training, licensing etc.requirements for personnel and their skills for development, maintenance and use of the system and applicationspotential for and approaches to scaling and supporting greater reliability of the applications. In the first section of your report, you should outline different potential technological solutions MegaMax might employ to take advantage of cloud and mobile technology within their operations. Be sure to make a clear and justified recommendation for adopting your selections. You may therefore choose to compare different types of cloud (you studied OpenStack and Amazon Web Services), different services in the cloud (for example the different parts of AWS that you covered in TMA02), different clients (you studied web apps and mobile apps), etc. Note that MegaMax currently has both a central IT facility and travelling sales team with other requirements. It is advisable to include a diagram of the elements you include with clear labelling. You may well consider the (private, public/third-party or hybrid) approach you recommend and its suitability for the company as well as why other approaches are less attractive. Then select three of the items from the list above and discuss them and how they impact MegaMax in the context of your recommendation. In your report you should have four clear sections with headings, one for the set of technology options and then one for each of the three items you selected from the list. Use a range of references as a foundation for your discussion. You should search for quality information sources online, including via the OU Library. It is important not to cover areas in general terms but to be specific to MegaMax and the development of the two applications (web and mobile) that have been prototyped, and to consider the potential uses of cloud technology. You will not gain marks for covering more than three of the issues. Relate your discussion to MegaMax as much as possible. Do not repeat the descripton of MegaMax and you are not required here to write a structured report with an introduction etc but you should have four clear sections and a set of references that you have used. In this part we expect you to build on the answers given in previous TMAs, if doing so without changing the text please quote yourself, e.g. as I said in TMA02: “AWS is very good”. However a better answer will tend to develop what you previously wrote with new ideas perhaps based on feedback from your tutor. In which case you can use this as your answer directly – we accept that some parts of your answer may well be similar to your TMAs in this case. The maximum word count for this question is 2000 words. This count includes titles and figure captions but not references. There are no penalties for exceeding the limit, but any words in excess of 2000 will not be marked.


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