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Research paper discussing the history and current debate surrounding raising the minimum wage and what makes a living wage. Opposing view of raising and applying a blanket federal minimum wage or defining a “livable wage” through legislation. Minimum wage jobs that require no experience or skill and the outlook of career advancement and top earning potential; personal finance budgeting and education tools. Unemployment rates in the United States and state comparison of welfare and assistance program participation for low or no income individuals and households. Proposition of reducing burden by removing Social Security payroll tax and/or income tax on individuals currently earning below the federal poverty line of $26,000 and the impact in each state/county. Requiring blanket federal minimum wage marginalizes young, inexperienced, or poorly educated workers, peoples whose first language is not English, and further marginalizes people struggling with homelessness and poverty. explain the history and current debate Provide a clear title and introduction that is engaging Clearly present the debatable issue and make connections between different viewpoints make persuasive arguments in favor of view thorough evaluation and analysis of the debate Cite at least eight reliable, authoritative sources Demonstrate APA academic writing


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