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Instructions and Stata commands: Create a folder on your desktop with 9 sub-folders to put documents for all 9 tutorials in. Q1: Set up a working directory. Open up a new DO file. Q2: Load data by clicking buttons or using use “qlfs1012.dta”, clear Q3: Set up a log file to record output from Stata using log using “lfs_exercise_sheets.log”, replace Q4: Describe all variables using describe Q5: Summarise the variable “hourpay” and produce a suitably labelled histogram of “hourpay” using su hourpay, detail histogram hourpay, width(2) percent ytitle(%) xtitle(£) /* */ title(Figure 1.  Histogram of hourly earnings for individuals from the LFS 2010-2012) what do you conclude? Q6: Histogram for 98% interval of the variable “hourpay” histogram hourpay if(hourpay>=3.17 & hourpay=3.17 & hourpay


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