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In this discussion, explain the key transportation success factors in GSCM. In your explanation, apply thesuccess factors to your selected company.In your initial post, address transportation methods comparing their costs along with variance in reliability,speed, and security. Discuss the reasons that your selected firm or business unit might use or not use eachmethod. Base your insights about your selected firm or business unit on professional (Wall Street Journal,trade books, magazines, or websites) or scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles).REFERENCES: USE ALLUse your Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management text to read the following:Chapter 5, “Transport in Supply Chains,” pages 101–116.Chapter 6, “Transport Security,” pages 117–130.Chapter 7, “Logistics Service Providers,” pages 131–141.Chapter 15, “Reverse Logistics,” pages 289–305.Chapter 17, “Management Science Applications,” pages 317–328.Use the Capella library to read the following:Diugwu, I. A., Nwaogbe, O. R., Pius, A., & Omoke, V. (2018). Enhanced manufacturing industry supply chaindistribution network through transportation modelling. The International Journal of Transport & Logistics,18(44), 15–27.Gao, J., Xiao, Z., Cao, B., Chai, Q. (2018). Green supply chain planning considering consumer’s transportationprocess. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 109, 311–330.Govindan, K., Chengb, T. C. E., Mishrac, N., & Shuklad, N. (2018). Big data analytics and application forlogistics and supply chain management. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review,114, 343–349.Monahan, S. T., & Hu, M. (2015). Sharing supply chain data in the digital era [PDF]. MIT Sloan ManagementReview, 57(1), 96, 95.Pei, J., Pardalos, P. M., Liu, X., Fan, W., Yang, S., & Wang, L. (2015). Coordination of production andtransportation in supply chain scheduling. Journal of Industrial & Management Optimization, 11(2), 399–419.Véronneau, S., & Roy, J. (2014). Security at the source: Securing today’s critical supply chain networks [PDF].Journal of Transportation Security, 7(4), 359–371.Use the Internet to read or view the following:U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (n.d.). CSI: Container Security Initiative. Retrieved from, S. (Producer). (n.d.). Introduction to supply chain management, transportation [Video] | Transcript.Retrieved from;=PLakV_3nZPSk41LzeuRLccyLQn9pflcfEl


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