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PROJECT CHARTERProject Name[This section contains the project name that should appear consistently on all project documents. Organizations often have project naming conventions.]Date Produced[The date the Project Charter is produced.]Project Goals[This section defines what the project will achieve and how it supports the goals of the organization.]Project Objectives[This section defines the specific outcomes that are required to achieve the project goals.]Project Budget[This section contains the funds available for the project.]Project Sponsor[Name of project sponsor and job title.]Project Manager[Name of project manager and job title.]Additional Key Project Stakeholders[The names of key stakeholders that are known at this point in the project, including their job title or project role.]Overall Project MilestonesDates[A list of the key milestones that are known at this point in the project.][Milestone dates.]Overall Project Risks[A list of the overall risks that are known at this point in the project.]


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