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BISY3006/ISY2003/ISY203 Information Security @ Australian Institute of Higher Education, SydneyTutorial #4Total Marks: 30 (6%)Submit your answers to the following questions by Week-9 Friday 5:00PM. Late submissionswill incur 5% deduction with each passing day till Week-10 Friday 5:00PM, after which nosubmissions will be accepted.Warning: Plagiarism is a serious ethical offense with dire consequences. Do not copy and pastefrom your textbook, online resources, or your friend’s work. Cite and provide reference(Harvard Style) to the original work where applicable.Questions:Q. #1: Refer to pages 248 and 261 of your e-textbook*, explain the difference between Figures6-7 and 6-9. What is the significance of the design in Figure 6-9? (5 Marks)Q. #2: Explain how NAT (Network Address Translation) works. What are the reasons behindits use? (5 Marks)Q. #3: Explain how VPN (Virtual Private Network) works. What are the reasons behind itsuse? What are its types? (5 Marks)Q. #4: Explain the following security protocols in your own words. What are their mainfeatures? (10 Marks)• SNMP v3• DNSSEC• SFTP• SRTP• IPSecQ. #5: Write generic as well as security advantages of host virtualization? (5 Marks)* Ciampa, M. (2018), Security + Guide to network security fundamentals 6th edn. Cengage Learning,United States.Get access to your e-textbook on Moodle by going to Information Security unit > E-text tile.


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