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Select a natural hazard that challenges sustainable development and economic development. This writing assignment is to provide students with a more in-depth understanding of prominent physical geography features and natural hazards. Additionally, the assignment will provide a more thorough understanding of the human/nature interactions, along with environmental issues, that take place internationally.  Format: The paper needs to be at least 6 full pages of writing total. It needs to all be in as one single essay, in paragraph form complete with introduction and conclusion paragraphs and a thesis statement. No more than 10% of this assignment should be quote word-for-word (even if in quotation marks) or the list of questions to answer for the paper.  Have your name written at the top of the first page, with a title and also page numbers. Select a natural hazard that challenges sustainable development The INTRODUCTION paragraph needs to have a specific thesis statement that gives a brief-but-specific overview of your analysis of the material in its entirety (Tip: The thesis is best written AFTER doing all the research and writing in the body of your paper). Any photographs, maps, tables, etc., need to be attach at the end of the paper only, and they do not count as part of the length of the paper. Also, a cover page will not count towards the paper length. Grammar, Spelling: It is expectation of these papers are free of excessive grammatical and spelling errors. Use APA Style which you can Google to find websites with examples of this format. Scholarly sources include: Journal articles from college library or college library website. Articles from newspapers, magazines, etc, Books from researchers (at college library). “Dot-gov” websites. Most encyclopedias Do not use: Wikipedia in the paper, as that information will not count as part of the paper.


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