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The Completed Project The protocol for submitting the final version of the Project is as follows: You must submit one copy to Turn-it-in and a second copy that is paper  The project should be typed in font size 11 or 12, with text aligned to the left, using  1.5 line or 2 line spacing.    Format All Projects must contain the following in order as listed below:   Title page, which must give:  your name (Iana Morari)your groupyour Group tutor (Amanda Bray)the title of your Project (modern age tools in marketing)the dateAcknowledgementsAbstract (approx.100-300 words)Contents page MethodologyIntroduction Sections or ChaptersConclusionList of references of material referred to in your Project in alphabetical order Bibliography of background reading not used in Project in alphabetical orderAppendices (if necessary)Critical EvaluationLiterature Search and Project Proposal  Assessment criterias: Be able to undertake, develop and  refine research for the selected/agreed  Study/Project within the area of  Business Studies. 3.1  Distinguish and apply relevant information  from selected / appropriate resources to  develop investigation / study.  3.2  Produce a detailed review of any secondary  resources relevant to the research, explaining  and analysing their relevance to the research  task.  3.3  Evaluate primary and / or secondary  resources used / selected.  Be able to interpret and organise  information gathered from research in  an appropriate format. 4.1  Apply accurate, detailed and relevant  knowledge of the chosen study topic in  developing a coherent independent research  Study/Project.  4.2 Demonstrate consistent application of relevant  academic conventions, including accurate  referencing and use of appropriate academic  writing and ‘voice’.  4.3  Explain and justify relevant conclusions based  on academic knowledge and evidence.  Be able to evaluate the investigative /  methodological process and its  findings. 5.1  Evaluate the Study/Project in its entirety,  discussing strengths and weaknesses.


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