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Project Scope Statement Project Title: Vancouver Mart Wholesale Store                                                                                                                 Project Sponsor: Gordon Zhou                                                                 Team #: 1 Project Team Members: Mohit Kaura, Gagandeep Singh, Arshdeep Singh, Virpal Kaur, Jagveer Kaur           Revision HistoryDateAuthorVersionChange DescriptionApproved byMay 25, 2021Mohit KauraV1.0Original PlanGordon Zhou                Project Scope Description:   The scope of our project is to renovate an empty shell space and convert it into a 100,000 sq ft wholesale store called Vancouver Mart. In our store, large variety of items will be available for sale such as grocery items, electronics hardware, and beauty products.  It will be renovated by a contracted construction company in upcoming two years.   The main objective of the renovation project will include creation of several main spaces such as loading dock, store area, checkou[GZ1] t, wash[GZ2] rooms, and staff lunchroom.  To create these interior spaces, construction of the appropriate wall assembly that generally includes insulation, drywall, and painting will constructed to provide sufficient fire resistance, noise separation, and maintain the desired temperatures for operational requirements and occupant comfort.  In all these spaces,   new flooring installation, supply and install lighting,  and providing for the appropriate plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other utility provisions…   The appropriate health and safety requirements such as fire safety alarms, extinguishers, and fire exits is also included in the project scope     Equipment such as wooden racks, forklifts, Point of Sale System, and freezers is envisaged to be provided by third party vendors and suppliers independent of the general contractor. . [GZ3]  The project scope will also include exterior building envelope work that includes installation of steeling framing, windows, and doors, and siding.[GZ4]     Our project team has discussed and arisen lots of risks which will come in this project like Occupational, Financial, and Design Environmental[GZ5] . Before implementing any changes to the scope statement must be verified through the approved project change management process[GZ6] .      DeliverablesAcceptance criteria Store constructionAll construction-related activities must be executed in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, and regulations, as well as the project sponsors’ specifications DesignDesign of the building needs to be done according to the project requirements. In planning stage meetings needs to be done for the milestone and also these milestone needs to be informed to the stakeholder. Needs to elaborate drawings and its specifications. Installation of EquipmentEquipment must be installed and set up                                                                                                                                                                                       properly before it can be used. Prior to the first day of usage, complete equipment performance calibration testing.   [GZ7] Point of Sale System   Purchase and procure from different suppliers within budgeted amount. Material should be purchased and have arrived on site for installation by an owner accepted time. Contracts must be signed and dated to be valid. Permits and Lease AgreementAll the permits and licenses must be issued by the local government[GZ8]  The lease agreement must be signed for a period of at least ten years.  Project managementEverything must be included in the management plan and documentation which is required for the completion of a project.[GZ9]  Constrai[GZ10] nts: This project primarily focuses on the delivery of a new wholesale store which includes planning and designing, construction, testing and commissioning, and clean up. Renovation will follow the approved baseline  schedule, budget and scope. Warehouse for storing extra material is not included in renovation as it already exist with sufficient storage capacity. Some other constraints are:   Legal constraints: There may be delay in getting permission related to safety regulations or any changes in regulations of law which require change in schedule and comply with that regulations.   Environment factors: Regulation require environment safety including noise pollution, tree conservation and air protection require “environment department” approval that effects the project processes.Large amount of waste is produced during construction due to massive amount of material and resources used which can have potential disaster effect.   Time constraints: There are some factors that affect the timeline of project such as delay in getting permit, Changes in design and drawings. Collaboration of multiple tasks like plumbing, electrical wiring and fire services cause delay in project completion.   Technical constraints: There are few technical constraints rising from restrictive cite area and congested surroundings where storage space, transportation and temporary work require input of careful planning. Reviewed by Project Manager    Signed: Mohit KauraDated: May 25, 2021 Approved by Project Sponsor    Signed: Gordon ZhouDated: May 26, 2021   [GZ1]How many checkout aisles will you have?  [GZ2]How many washrooms are you constructing?  [GZ3]The suggested project scope description has been rephrased so that there is a general flow and consistency.   Please review the suggested rewording and make the appropriate edits and modifications.  [GZ4]Link it with the WBS.  [GZ5]Try to avoid “etc.”  Be as specific as possible to avoid overgeneralizations.  [GZ6]Good – exactly!  This is important.  [GZ7]Have Equipment listed in the row above already?  [GZ8]Which ones?  City of Burnaby? City of Surrey?  Others?  [GZ9]This is too general.  Consider being more specific:  Example may include:  Having a Project Charter or Project Management Plan approved by the Project Sponsor as an acceptance criteria.  [GZ10]Good – constraints broken down by type makes it easy to read.


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