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Work Breakdown Structure and WBS Dictionary Project Title: Vancouver Mart Wholesale Store                                                                                                                 Project Sponsor: Gordon Zhou                                                                 Team #: 1 Project Team Members: Mohit Kaura, Gagandeep Singh, Arshdeep Singh, Virpal Kaur, Jagveer Kaur Revision HistoryDateAuthorVersionChange DescriptionApproved byMay 25, 2021Mohit KauraV1.0Original PlanGordon Zhou                Work Breakdown Structure [GZ1] (WBS)        BS DictionaryLevelWBS CodeElement NameDefinition11Store RenovationAll the work performed for the renovation of the store.21.1Project ManagementThe main task in project management is to meet all of the project’s objectives while staying within the constraints.31.1.1Project Management PlanA project management plan is a formal, approved document that lays out how the project will be carried out, monitored, and controlled.31.1.2Project Documents[GZ2] 21.2PermissionsPermissions granted by  governmental authorities in the form of permits, and licenses. Legal agreements and documents also fall under this category.31.2.1PermitsTo meet the standards and conditions set by local authority before renovation work can begin31.2.2Business licensePermission needs to be taken from government beforestore opening.31.2.3Lease agreementAgreement that specifies permission granted to renovat, operate and lease the space from the property owner.21.3.DesignDesign produces the required drawings and specifications required for permits and construction.31.3.1.Plans and drawingsArchitectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and other relevant drawings and blueprints.31.3.2.SpecificationDetailed technical requirements and guidance document for machinery, equipment, and construction.21.4.EnvelopeA building envelope is the physical barrier that separates a building’s conditioned and unconditioned environments.31.4.1.Steel framingA “skeleton frame” comprising vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams is used in steel frame construction.31.4.2.WindowsUsed for fresh air income within the building.31.4.3.Doors and wallsTo be prepared for entrance.31.4.4.SidingThe protection material used to the exterior side of the walls.21..5.FinishingGiving the final touch.31.5.1.PaintingGiving colorful look for attracting purposes.31.5.2.FlooringFor covering the floor.31.5.3.CabinetryCabinets for storage purposes.31.5.4.Drywalla rectangular-sectioned construction material31.5.5.InsulationTo reduce the transmission of thermal energy through walls, ceilings, etc.31.5.6.Shelves and RacksUsed for the storage of goods.21.6.UtilitiesUtility provisions such as electrical, mechanical and lighting.31.6.1.ElectricityGiving electric power to the building based on voltage required.31.6.2.HVACheating, ventilation, and air conditioning.31.6.3.Plumbingthe water supply system, which includes pipelines, tanks, fittings, and other equipment.31.6.4.LightingTo offer comfortable environment to employees and customers.31.6.5.ElevatorsProvide service to move between multiple floors21.7.EquipmentAgreeing to terms and conditions.31.7.1.Carts and basketsUsed for loading and carrying materials31.7.2.ForkliftsUsed to load or unload the materials.31.7.3.FreezersUsed for freezing and storing materials.31.7.4.Point of SaleTo keep track on sales on daily or monthly basis.Reviewed by Project Manager    Signed: Mohit KauraDated: 25 May 2021 Approved by Project Sponsor    Signed: Gordon ZhouDated:   [GZ1]The WBS touches on the main deliverable components and is clear to the reader. The only suggestion is to make sure that these are captured in the project scope statement so that it cross references well between the WBS and Project Scope Statement documents. You probably don’t need elevator for a one storey building and it wasn’t included in the project scope statement so suggest it be removed.  [GZ2]A legal document isn’t a project document.   Project Documents are documents created and managed by the project team to help manage the project through the project lifecycle.  This includes requirements traceability matrix and others.


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