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Summative 1: Applied Leader…ru.c healin Annual Kepori• • Analyse and evaluate where the Director of Public Health shows leaderships aspects – values, skills, competencies and qualities – in the Annual Report. • Explain, using academic literature (public health and business) on leadership to explain why the Director of Public Health, and any public health professional, should show these leadership skills and qualities • Focus on 4-6 leadership aspects -values, skills, competencies and qualities – shown or not shown in the Report, the aim is depth of discussion and analysis and explanation, the why are they showing these leadership aspects or why they are not showing (but should be showing) these leadership aspects • Examples of leadership aspects that you could look at are: sharing a vision, leading change, evaluating information, beginning with the end in mind, dealing with uncertainty, developing partnerships and collaborations across oraanisations in a community. intearitv.


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