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Your Task Complete Parts A to C below by the due date. Consider the rubric at the end of the assnmen guidance on structure and content. ig t forAssessment Description 111 • You are to read case studies provided and answer questions in relation to the content, analytics theory and potential analytics professionals required for solving the business problems at hand • Learning outcomes 1 and 2 are addressed.Assessment InstructionsPart A: Case Study Analysis (700 words, 10 marks)Instructions: Read the following two case studies. For each case study, briefly describe. a) The industry to which analytics has been applied h) A potential and meaningful business problem to be solved c) The type of analytics used, and how it was used to address that potential and meaningful business problem d) The main challenge(s) of using this type of analytics to achieve your business oblective (from part b) e) Recommendations regarding how to be assist stakeholders with adapting these applications for their business1 Artificial Intelligence in Germany: Reinventing Engines of Growth Laps t. t


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