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The assignment is to be done on an individual basis. Acknowledge any sources of information that you rely on in your response. The assignment requires you to read ahead of the lectures from your LRM. The relevant lectures will be in Lecture Block 2. Assessment Task Weighting: 30% of subject marks Due Date: 17 October 2014 via UTSOnline. Length: Maximum 2000 – 2500 words (calculation type questions not included in this word count). 1) Consider Reading 16 (Design for Maintainability) in your LRM. Attempt the following questions from page 475 of that reading: a) Q1 (1 marks) b) Q2 (1 marks) c) Q26 (8 marks) 2) How are preventive maintenance requirements determined? How are they justified? What is likely to occur if they are not properly justified? (bullet point answers and lists are acceptable – Max. length of answer: 1 page). (5 marks) 3) Discuss the relationship between reliability, maintainability and life cycle cost (LCC). In your answer consider the notion of maintenance concept and how it relates to LCC. You may find Reading 18 of help with this question. You may use bullet points and diagrams etc. as appropriate to answer this question. (Do not merely repeat the math from this reading – demonstrate your understanding of the issues involved.) (10 marks) 4) Attempt ONE of the following (in no more than 1.5 pages, using bullet points as appropriate): a) Consider reading 23. Comment on the notion that quality and requirements are distinct, though intertwined. Provide some examples that justify your view. Do you agree with the general arguments of the author of the paper? Why or why not – provide examples to justify your view. (10marks) OR b) Consider either Reading 18 OR Reading 22 from your LRM. Outline the key ideas of the paper, and indicate how your organization might use some of them on their projects. (10 marks).


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