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Note- Please avoid Plagirism My assignment is Case Analysis. Please see my two attachments first because my assignment is based on both attachments and please follow the assignment’s structure. Second attachment is about the Zambrero article which must be red by you before making my assignment because my assignment is based on Zambrero article and on current three trends that must be mentioned in assignment as a body of assignment and should be illustrated the social entrepreneurship movement. As well as, below you will see some points to make the Headings of my this case analysis assignment and three current trends should be explained in different different paragraphs. Please open the first attachment which will guide you to write the correct word limit for each paragraph and will also suggest how to write each paragraph by following some questions. Please read below overall task and open my attachments. Thanks The Overall Task:- The following questions are all based on the above Zambrero article published in Australia Unlimited. Basing your arguments on the topics that you have studied in the first five weeks of this unit, write a report addressing the following two questions: a) Entrepreneurs have been identified as having certain traits and characteristics. Discuss the extent to which Zambrero founder Sam prince exemplifies these traits and characteristics. Justify your response with reference to academic sources (e.g. academic journal articles, textbooks, etc.). b) The article clearly outlines what we might consider ‘social entrepreneurship’, whereby an entrepreneur establishes and/or leads an organisation or initiative engaged in social change. Outline three current trends that illustrate the social entrepreneurship movement. Again, you should be looking to use academic sources as the foundation of your review. Wikipedia or web blogs are not considered as ‘sound’ academic sources. Page 6 of 9 Write up your analysis. This should be in a report format. Here is a suggested structure: a. Executive Summary b. Introduction c. Analysis of Entrepreneur traits/characteristics (ie. linking them to Dr Sam Prince) d. Recent Trends in Social Entrepreneurship e. Conclusion f. References g. Appendix (if required) Submit the report via the Turnitin Submission Link (under Assessment Details on the Blackboard site)…be fully aware of the plagiarism rules in the School; plagiarism will not be tolerated. The marking criteria for the assignment can be found on the following page. They 


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