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learning objectives Interpret traditional and contemporary perspectives of children’s outdoor playAnalyze the role of the educator in children’s outdoor play Value: 25% of your final grade  Instructions Read each scenario below.Select one scenario, and write a letter to the educator with your concrete suggestions and practical recommendations to improve the outdoor play experience for the children in their care. Support the advice you give by referencing the concepts covered in Modules 1–3 and in your textbook regarding:The image of the child or the role of the educator (from your textbook and Play, Participation, and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta: Link (Links to an external site.)Historical perspectives from at least three theorists (from Module 1 and your textbook)Benefits of outdoor play on child development and skills (from Module 1–3 and your textbook)Current perspectives about the role of outdoor play, citing at least one current (no more than five years old) academic, peer-reviewed article All information must be properly cited and referenced according to APA. Your letter should be between 800–1000 words. Educator A: Anne works with toddlers. She does not want the children to get messy and wet when they engage in outdoor play. She believes that parents will view her as a poor caregiver if the children are not sent home in neat clothes each day. When there is a muddy spot in the outdoor play space, she blocks it off. She tells the children that they are not allowed to jump in puddles or play in the mud because their clothes will get wet and dirty.  Educator B: Roger views outdoor play as a time for children to burn their energy and for him to take a break. He encourages the children to run around as much as they can. He looks on to ensure no one is getting hurt and visits with his co-worker on a bench. Sometimes he takes the opportunity to check his phone for texts or messages during this “downtime.”


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