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1. Project Title Power Inverter 12V-DC to 230V-AC Microcontroller based for PV generated output voltage 2. Name and Programme of study Name: Caetano Cassua Programme of study: Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng (Bons) 3. Aims of project • To Research and design DC to DC buck (stepdown) converter with the output load current of 2A in order to guaranty steady-stable DC 12v to charge the battery or supply the DC voltage to DC to AC inverter. Mean focus • To research DC to AC power inverter designs • To design a DC to AC 2500W pure sine wave power inverter that has 12V input voltage from PV panel and/ or battery to output 230V, 50Hz frequency. • To use PV energy source in renewables lab to provide energy to be inverted • To Incorporate a microcontroller (Arduino to produce PWM and control the system) The system is to me used to supply power for a caravan that might contain sensitive equipment such as TV, computer, laptop, communication system and other equipment to be used alternatively.  The focus will be on DC-to-AC Power inverter. Software to design and simulation circuit:  NI Multisim13.0 (NI ULTIBOARD 13.0 for PCB) or Proteus8  MATLAB-Simulink for simulation The PV to use has the following: PV Specification Max Power: 50W or 95W Max. Power Voltage: 17.60V Max. Power Current: 2.84 A Open circuit voltage: 21.90V Open circuit current: 3.03A For more detail about solar panel, please see the image with two below solar panel specification: Battery specification to be used (see image below) 4. Problem definition DC to AC inverters can be of two types namely string inverters and micro inverters. The choice and application of these design types has to consider their advantages and disadvantages. An assessment needs to be carried out to determine which inverter type is best to use when the solar panels are connected in parallel or in series. The reliability, expandability of PV installation, cost etc. of each inverter type has to be evaluated and the best type will be used to design and build an inverter that inverts 12V DC from a PV energy storage battery to 230V AC. Ideally, the generated AC waveform should be a pure sine wave to be used with sensitive AC equipment such as medical equipment. An example of the advantages and disadvantages to be considered are, in terms of reliability, micro inverters can be used with parallel-connected PV panels which means damage to one panel does not cut off the power generation as would be the case with string inverter. • The deadline will be on 18th of May 2015 • Please include references and also similarity checking • Referencing method Harvard


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