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I j APP2 Be More Prepared.pptx1A+ (170.497 KB)Reflecting on progress of goals identified in Welcome Week based on experience of the learning environment and feedback in the first block. Modify goals and identify key actions for development in the next block of study. Encourage self-reflection and awareness of others’ perceptions in support of professional and academic skill development. Develop critical thinking Learn how to read between the lines, hear what was not said, see what was not shown, see things from other’s perspectives Two sections: 1. Be self-reflective through the Career DNA Bank and start to understand how to identify and evidence what you offer. What do you think this says about you and how the others see the same story and what they think it says about that person? Making sense of what you read, hear and see, thus linking to the 2 nd half: (Group work interactive and fun). 2. Academic side of critical thinking what it is and why it is important


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