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Session overview Session Title: Be MoreWelcome to your learning on thisAs we are off campus due to the Covid-19 closure for this session we will be working with you in online mode. In order to work well online, it is essential that you complete all of the following steps. Some activities you will be able to complete in your own time before and after a specified period of time but other tasks will require you to be online for a ‘live’ period so that you feel supported and feel part of a thriving learning community. Both live and non-live activities contribute to your overall learning experience and activities to help you engage with your learning will be set for you by your tutors.Key topic focus: APP2 is to enable you to build on your previous session and develop your understanding of reflective processes and techniquesReflecting on progress of goals identified in Welcome Week based on experience of the learning environment and feedback in the first block. Modify goals and identify key actions for development in the next block of study. Encourage self-reflection and awareness of others’ perceptions in support of professional and academic skill development.I10 0 dreii,,,lifeorrsdistyhiorefBusiness School Step 1— Read the Session Learning Outcomes 1. To review your professional competences and evaluate how they are developing. 2. To clarify your own personal and professional objectives. 3. To develop your understanding of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle Framework 3. To extend your understanding of how to develop your own personal marketing strategy using the Career


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