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11I Three WiFi Call 11:12 AM W 9 55%=1. Queer Theories•Sexualities & genders — fragmented and highly diverse — emphasis on•Sexual categories not fixed or essential —rejection of labels around gendered binary —prefer queer- refusal to accept other labels•Sexual identities not fixed or stable or natural —Lived Sexualities• Social divisions around sexuality can oppress people of diverse sexualities • Sexuality & sexual diversity also gives “opportunities for creative relationships, agency and choice” Weeks, 2003: 10 — it is about possibilities, enablement and empowerment in intimacy and pleasure – not just constraint Movement towards full ‘sexual citizenship’ — “WeConclusion• Understandings of sexuality move away from biologically essentialist explanations to socially constructed explanations • Sexuality becomes part of identity in late modernity • Queer theories emerge from feminist and gay rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s • Queer theories challenge heterosexual norm —Rejects fixed categories and embraces differenceFurther reaffirm


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