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Assessment Task 1: Action Plan from GW ScenarioDue Date: Friday, 23:59 hrs. Week 4 Weighting: 2095 Format: Written script Length: 1000 words approximately.Description: This task requires you to apply the Giving Voice to Values framework to a given scenario that you choose from the selection available to you on the Moodie site for this course – see Assignment 1 Resources.Task: Your task is to prepare a written, action plan and you must submit this via Turnitin Submission link. .ad “Ways of thinking about our values”and “Giving Voice to Values: A brief introduction”which are available on the Moodie site for this course – See Assignment 1 resources 2. Read the scenario you have chosen from the selection available. 3. Place yourself in the position of the central person in your selected scenario: what should you say, to whom, when and how, 4. In order to answer these questions consider the following:


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