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AMME2500: ENGINEERINGDYNAMICSPRACTICE EXAMDr. Mitch BrysonSchool of Aerospace, Mechanical and MechatronicEngineering, University of SydneyAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonAMME2500 Final Exam• The exam is worth 50% of the marks in this course• Canvas quiz: administered through a special examspecific Canvas site which you will be added to closer tothe exam time• You will have 120 minutes plus 10 mins reading time• It will have three parts:• (a) Multiple Choice Questions: these will be focused aroundconceptual questions and questions involving short calculations• (b) Analysis Questions: Analysis questions covering problems inkinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies: workedsolutions to be uploaded after exam, answers entered in Quiz• (c) Written Answer Questions: Conceptual questions requiring aqualitative explanation of principles or analysis of an exampleproblem2AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonPractice Exam Session• Schedule:• 9am to 9:15am: Introduction• 9:15am to 10am: Completing the exam• 10am: Going through exam solutions, questions• Session attendance is optional (but recommended) andthe practice exam does not count towards your final mark3AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonPractice Exam Solutions4AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonMCQs5A large rock and a small rock are both dropped from a height of 1m. Thelarge rock has four times the mass of the smaller rock. Neglecting airresistance, which of the following statements is true?A. The small rock has twice the velocity of the larger rock when it hits thegroundB. The larger rock has twice the velocity of the small rock when it hits thegroundC. The small rock hits the ground at the same time as large rockD. The small rock hits the ground in a quarter of the time taken by the largerrockE. The large rock hits the ground in a quarter of the time taken by the smallerrockAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonMCQs6The ball shown above rolls down a 30 degreeincline without slipping. If the ball has a massof 2kg and moves a distance of 1m along theincline, what is the work done by the frictionforce acting between the ball and the inclinedplane?A. 2.0JB. 0JC. 1.0JD. -2.0JE. -1.0JAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonMCQs7For the rear wheel drive car shown above, consider asituation in which the car starts from rest andaccelerates to the left. The tires do not slip on the road.Assume the normal force on the rear tires is N and thecoefficients of static and kinetic friction are μs and μk,respectively. The friction force, F, acting on the rear tiresis given by what expression and what is its direction?A. F ≤ μsN to the rightB. F ≤ μsN to the leftC. F = μkN to the leftD. F = 0E. F = μkN to the rightAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonMCQs8On the system pictured above, the flywheelspins on its axle with an angular velocity ofws = 6 rad/s, while the frame of the systemhas an angular velocity of wp = 3 rad/s in thedirections shown. What is the angularacceleration of the flywheel?A. -18i rad/s2B. -0.9j rad/s2C. 0 rad/s2D. 18i rad/s2E. 0.9j rad/s2!˙ s = ( ˙ !s)xyz + !p ⇥ !sAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonMCQs9Using the pulley system shown above, if thecable at B is pulled to the right at 6 m/s, whatis the velocity of the block at A?A. 3 m/s downwardsB. 3 m/s upwardsC. 6 m/s upwardsD. 2 m/s upwardsE. 6 m/s downwardsAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 610A roller coaster loop is designed as shown in the figure above. At point 1, the cart isat a height h1 = 30m from the ground and has an initial speed v1 = 5m/s along thetrack. The top of the vertical loop at point 2 is located at a height h2 = 20m and theloop has a radius of curvature of 9.0m at this point. When arriving at the bottom ofthe track, the cart is at a height h3 = 2.0m from the ground.Neglecting friction between the cart and the track, determine the speed of the cart(in m/s) when it reaches the bottom of the track at point 3.AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 611AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 712For the same roller coaster shown in Question 6, determine the magnitude ofthe normal force acting on the cart from the track when the cart is at the topof the loop at point 2 if the cart has a mass of 200kg. Provide your answer inN.AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 713AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 814A 100 kg steel beam is connected to a ceiling fixture via two pin joints at A andB. The beam is initially in a horizontal position when the pin joint at B fails, andthe beam begins to swing about the remaining pin joint at A. Assuming thebeam can be modelled as a thin rod, with length L = 2m, determine the initialmagnitude of reaction force acting on the pin joint at A at the instant when pinjoint B fails and theta = 0o. Provide your answer in N.AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 815AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonQuestion 916Consider the satellite shown above. Thesatellite is spun-up about it’s X-axis (given aninitial angular velocity about it’s X-axis) inorder to stabilise the motion of the satellite.Discuss with respect to principles ofgyroscopic motion, what the effect of adisturbing torque about the Z-axis of thesatellite would be? Why is the X-axis a goodchoice of axis to rotate the spacecraft around(from the perspective of spin-stabilisation), asopposed to the Y-axis?• Describe gyroscopic precession from the perspective of angularmomentum and impulse:• Correctly describe the directions of precessing motion given examplesof the direction of spin/disturbances• Describe the effect of the intermediate axis theorem with respect to thegeometry and estimates of the mass moments of inertia of the satelliteAMME2500 Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonUnit of Study Survey (USS)• Important way to hear from you what worked for you andwhat didn’t work for you from this course• Feedback is important: helps us to continually work onimproving the course• The USS is completely confidential and studentresponses are anonymous• You could win a new 13” Macbook Air, 64gB Apple Ipadair or Apple watch!• You can access the survey:• Engineering Dynamics | Dr. Mitch BrysonThanks for a great year and good luck onyour exams!18


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