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Assessment 1Part A – Written or Oral QuestionsThis assessment task will assess your understanding of what all of theabove means in a leadership role.Answer the following questions1. Why is it important to establish linkages between organisational objectives,values and standards to the responsibilities of relevant groups andindividuals when setting goals in the organisation? (10 marks)2. What is the relationship between media and language used whencommunicating organisational mission and goals to staff? Give an example.(10 marks)3. When there is a goal to achieve, explain the importance of statingexpectations clearly to staff in a language easy to understand to ensurecommitment to the given goal? (10 marks)4. When an incident occurs in the organisation (e.g., accident, scandal),explain why it is important to communicate results clearly to relevantgroups and individuals involved? (10 marks)5. Discuss the importance of (45 marks)a. Leaders as role-models in the workplaceb. Workplace culturec. Change management in the workplaced. Workplace consultation and communicatione. Decision-making and risk managementf. Public relationsg. Business ethicsh. Leadership stylesi. Professional developmentAssessment 1Part B – Case StudyYou are the training manager at FoodStuff, a chain of popular fast-foodrestaurants in Australia. You are planning to organise a 20-hour managementtraining program for 20 shift supervisors. To accomplish the task, you need toassign 3 trainers who will alternately complete the training program within a3-week period. These trainers should be supervisors themselves and have beenin the company for a total of 5 years on average.Your tasks1. Write accountabilities and responsibilities for the three management trainersyou are appointing (10 marks)2. List all the resources these trainers will require to accomplish their taskssuccessfully (10 marks)3. Design a support system for the trainers to help them perform theirresponsibilities more effectively (10 marks)4. As a manager, explain how you are going to accomplish the following:• Create a positive workplace environment (5 marks)• Encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches tothe performance of work in the workplace (5 marks)


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