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elp41- .11,ThI 2 IntroductionNOTE: read the whole assignment brief first before implementing it contains very important information In this project we will be simulating a task that a Raspberry Pi with sensors and actuators could be used for. In this case we will simulate an automated greenhouse. Your task will be to produce a program that potentially will run forever and its job will be to monitor the greenhouse and keep the relevant variables within acceptable tolerences to ensure best plant growth. Over the course of the next weeks I will be building the simulation that you simulate the external environment and the changes that can occur within that environment. Note that the simulation will have some randomness in there to vary the data you will see over time. Thus your only any to ensure that everything will be in the required tolerances will be to read the values from the sensors and use the actuators as provided by the simulation. Them are a number of variables that you will be required to keep under control within the greenhouse: ambient temperature, ambient humidity, soil humidity, and light levels. You will be given simulations of a combined temperature and humidity sensor to track the ambient variables. You will also be given a simulation of a soil humidity sensor to keep track of water levels. You will also have access to a Light Dependant Resistor to keep track of light levels. In terms of actuators you will be given access to en exhaust fan to extract air from the green house. And an intake fan to add air to the green house. You will also have access to a water pump that will pump additional water into the soil.Activate Wl nd ows Go to Sett nrs to act assea coy q Q TIN sr- At • 7a■ C.


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