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I of 4 t SW,*PkQ.1)a. Discuss and justify in detail about capturing strategy that you will use while capturing tacit and explicit knowledge with respect to admission of students. In your opinion, will you approach multiple staff of admission department using different capturing techniques while capturing tacit knowledge about the admission. Justify your answer.(5 Marks)b. Discuss about major obstacles you might face while capturing the tacit and explicit knowledge related to admission of students. Also, discuss about the best capturing technique which can be used to capture the knowledge related to admission of student while considering the obstacles discussed by you(S Marks)Q.2) The Registrar has requested you to codify knowledge into Decision Tree and asked you to come up with report haying pros and cons of using Dec i s ion Tree to codify admission knowledge. Also he requested you to come up with an example of knowledge codified in decision tree with respect to admission knowledge.Marking Guide:(5 Marks)Marking Guide: 1 jAamptable Question 1 (a) Does not adequate, Par.., outline a Knowledge Captured outline a knowledge knowledge capture Strategy capture strategy. strategy.Question 1 (a) Approach for individualsDoes not adequately differentiate in capturing knowledge approach for theQuestion 1 (5) Does not adequately Maio, Obstacle while antiopat. about Capturing ma, obstaclesGeedCoveted most of tMc knowledge capture strategy.Diceilent Covered complete outline of knowledge capture strategyPartial chfferenbat. In capturing knowledge approach for the individualsCover. most of the differentiation in capturing knowledge approach for the indnndualsPartially anticipated Covered most of the about rna, ma, obstacles obstaclesComplete, anticipated about 17141,0f obstacles.Question 1 (b) Selection of best techniquesDoes not adequately Selected partial, best %Netted best techniques while techniques ‘,tie considering ma, considering major obstacle during obstacle during capturing of capturing of knowledge knowledgeCovered most of the differentiation in captunng knowledge approach for the IndividualsCopyright 0 2021 VII, A, Av., Reser…,MITS5505 Case Shall3Question 2) Pros and cons, o using decision t codify the knowQuestion 2) Demonstrated appropriate era of knowledge codified in dec treeDoes not adequately Partially povided Discussed most of the Completely covered f provsded pros and ve to cons of us, decision detail about pros a. cons of using deasion detail about pros and cons of us, decision about pros and cons of us, decision tree ledge tree to codify tree to codify tree to codify to codify admission admission knowledge adrnruice knowledge admissan knowledge knowledge Does not adequately Panel correct Appropriate example es given of codify, the given example of ntpke Codify.. the knowledge iMo ion decision tree example is given of Codify, the knowledge into decision tree knowledge into decision tree.


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