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7B5P0355 0206 Coursework 2: Case Analysis Companion — Formative taskName: Venkata Sai Nadha FReddy Gandra SRN 19061415 Group nurnber. Group 6-B76 Company Name: Tata Group, IndiaUsing both the outside-in and inside-out analytical frameworks, critically analyze your selected company’s extemal and Internal environment, and identify the strategic issues it needs to address In the short, medium and long term. From your analysis, what are your company’s major opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses? Use module theory to generate strategies your company can draw upon in addressing the strategk issues you have Identified and recommend a way forward for It strategic direction in the short, medium and long term. Support your argument with academic theory.Unit 1: Introduction to International Business StrategyUnderstanding and application of international businc. strategy is the kcy to determine the succ.s of thc multinational companies such as the tam company. globalization creat. massive exciting opportuniti. for the international businesses. there is a great change in the business environment meaning that business. have to strive for them to be competitive in the market (Campbell et al., 2011). For the to remain competent and competitive in thc market they are now considering different approaches for them to remain relevant in the market. My engagement in this module has chang. my understanding on business strategies and business envimnment. I’ve got to understand business strategies as an outline of actions or tactics and decisions made by a company for it to attain and reach i. goals and main objectiv.. the busin.s strategy clarifies whatever need. to be done by a comp, to attain its goals. 1 have also understood several busin.s strategics adopted by the tam company which h. made it to remain competitive and competent in thc market despite of the dynamic business environment in today’s world.1IPageCOMMENTS FILES (5) RUBRIC


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