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Consider tho dimensions of competence „ – 4 VT the assigned assessmentijteasikgsnifn:rLth:rnphlrogr: k4e414.44Discuss how the unity covered in your learning PrOgran Will be applied in the learners’ workplace/s. With it `task’ refers to the work function covered in the unit. consider the implicatbris of the dimensions of competence on the design of your learning program. In the ensio Task skills Your response Task management skills What organisational procedures might cover how the task should be performed in the workplace? • How efficiently or quickly must the task be performed? What other tasks must learners complete and manage in conjunction with the task? What deadlines exist for completing this task?Contingency management skillsJobiRofe environment ski Is • What challenges will commonly arise when performing the task? What workplace procedures must be followed when performing the tasks? • Who must learners work with or report to when performing the task? 0 consider transfe skills… What is tie range of ways learners may need to perform the tasks being trained? e.g. If training how to ba different types of cakes will they need to bake? What different types of techniques might they need to use’ Blackwater Pro Version 3.2 © 2020 BHA Design -Assessment Poi


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