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performance,. applying the ratio analyses covered in Chapter 5 of the subject text and use IBISWorld (or similar industry information) to contextualise businesses. Current and historical data for ASX listed firms can be collected from the `DatAnalysis Premium’ database on the UOW library website –71′ ,ps://uow.libauides.comfaz.php?s=116122>.• Compare the financial performance of your company to similar companies in the same industry. • Discuss key events (firm-level. industry-level or market-level shocks) over the last three years which have impacted the financial performance of the company and the industry as a whole. From your full analysis draw particular highlights into tables and charts to support your findings. • Based on your analysis draw conclusions on both the financial performance of the company now relative when it was first listed and its performance relative to peer firms in the industry. • Draw and express financial conclusions from the points of view of an investor and a lender, addressing your narrative to both groups. • Include a full ratio, vertical and horizontal analysis as an appendix.thekirther details will be uploaded on Moodie.


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