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AT1 Short answers: Task AtRead the two documents attached under ‘resources’ below, and answer the following questions. In your own words, briefly describe the planning proposal process, including each stakeholder’s role. 2. In your own words, briefly summarise the six parts required for a planning proposal, and note the number of pages (excluding appendices) dedicated to each of the six parts in the “Draft Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal”. 3. In your own words, briefly outline things landowners could do, under the proposed clauses in Part 2, to increase the development capacity (permitted floor space) on their site. 4. In your own words, briefly explain the four sets of documents (not individual documents) that the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal has been assessed to be consistent with, as outlined in Part 3, Section B. Who authored these documents and why should the planning proposal be consistent with them?


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