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< NURS90130 EXAM2… q thCASE STUDY TWO: Ms Jayne HoganMs Jayne Hogan is a 32-year-old woman who was brought to the Emergency Department by her next-door neighbour. Miss Hogan is in obvious respiratory distress, with difficulty in breathing, an audible high-pitched expiratory wheeze and is having difficulty speaking. She needs to pause every few words to catch her breath and she tells the team 1 am really short of breath; my chest feels tight and I cannot catch my breath. I was up all last night coughing-. The Emergency Department nurse implements emergency nursing interventions to quickly relieve Miss Hogan’s respiratory distress and asks you to start to collect inforrnation for the nursing admission process.Question 2a. (approx. 100 words) Outline two (2) questions you would ask Jayne to assess the history of her present health concern and provide a rationale. (2 marks)Question 2b. (approx. 50 words) Outline one (1) question you would ask Jayne in relation to her lifestyle and health practices and provide a rationaleQuestion 2c. (approx. 50 words) Outline one (1) question you would as Jayne to assess her family history and provide rationale.Question 2d. (approx. 100 words) Outline two (2) questions you would ask Jayne to assess her past medical history and provide a rationale.look)(1 mark)(2 marks)Question 2e. (approx. 100 words) This question may be answered in dot poi. What assessrnents would be included when performing a set of vital signs? Provide rationale for each point. (5.5 marks)After collecting a full patient history, you note that Jayne has recently completed a treatment for stage 2B breast cancer and has undergone a left breast mastectomy and auxiliary lymph node clearance.Question 2f. (approx. 300 words) With this information in rnind, and referencing evidence-based literature, consider if this knowledge would change how you address performing an assessment of Jayne’s blood pressure (BP). In your answer ensure that you outline the process by which you perforrn the assessment of taking Jayne’s BP? (9 marks)fter completing hand hygiene, you perform a set of vital signs and note the following: A • Blood pressure 122/78 mmHg • Radial Pulse Rate 97 Bpm regular but thready • Respiratory Rate 29 breaths per minute • SA 9496 RA • Oral temp 36.2°C • She appears diaphoretic is hunched over and has an increased work of breathingQuestion 2g. (approx. 100 words) Using the track and trigger form, correctly document these vital signs. Based on your assessment, what should your next action be? (2 marks)NURS80130 Nursing Assessrnent & Care End of semester take home exam 2021 6 of 8Question 2h. (approx. 50 words) It is now 0800 the next day and your buddy nurse has asked you to review Jayne’s MAR and identify all medications that can be iven at this time. In our answer make sure that you provide a rationale for our decision.UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MAR REGULAR MEDICATIONSAllergies —NKAUR Number 568795 Family Name: HOGAN Given Name: Jayne Address: 23A Lilo Court Seaside Village VIC 374XDOB: 12.09.1988 Sex: M FDashboard8E8Calendaro(21To Do Notifications Inbox


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