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< NURS90130 EXAM2…Q .41 ‘thCASE STUDY ONE: Mr Peter GrahamMr Graham is 75-yearrold male and has been admitted to University Hospital Ward 1B University Hospital for Congestive Heart Failure (CMHe has a medical history of CCF, Hypertension (HT), T2DM and he is obese. He has a family history of CC,Regular medications include: Mei…750, BD, Ramipril 10.6 mane, Frusemide 40, BD. Mr Graham has no known allergies (Ell.)Socially, Mr Graham is divorced and lives alone, though his daughter Ws…, He is estranged.. his 2 ..s. Mr Graham is a SChpackra.yeammoker and Is. heavy drinker.On receiving hand…from the ED nurse you note that Mr Graham is WS. NancornydnrresistaM positive) and ….isolation. Your buddy nurse asks you to prepare Mr Groh., room prior to his arrival.Question 1. fop… ISO words) Discuss four (4) dinical situations where a none must Implement standard proroutiom and don PPE. Nest discuss how you would prepare the room for Mr Graham’s(4 mar.)On admission you perform an assessment including vital signs. You note the following: • Blood pressure 1E6/116 mm/Hg • Radial N. Rate 76 Bp. (you believe k ro be irregular) • Respiratory Rate 21 Bpm and obvious use of accessory mid., • Sul, 9596 RA Oral temp 36, • BGL 8.9 mmo1/1. • Diminished visual acuity • Decreased bladder to.• Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score of 12(E3, VS, MS)When reporting these findings to your buddy nurse, she asks you to perform a focused assessment to confirm the suspected Irregular head rate.Question lb. fop.. 300 words) Considering the information above, discuss what type of focused assessment you would undertake Graham hp:Imriztr.hz=f,rnbitntr.hie.s=rd in this focused assessment and espial the impodanre of(6.5 marks)University Hospital, for cardiac monitoring. After four day, he returns to Ward 1B. It is now 2000 and your buddy nurse asks you to perform another admission assessment, the findings are: • Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score .15 (EA, VS, M6) • Blood pressure 130/90 mm/Hg • Radial Pulse Rate 76 Rpm regular • • Respiratory 16 Bpm po • NURS901Z0=P 3 g Assessment &Care End of semester take home !rant 2021 3 of 8• DU 2.5mmo.Mr Graham still describes • Diminished visual acuity • Weakness and dissinmsQuestion 1c. (opproy. 80 words) Using the track and trigger,. BGS forms rorroctly, document Mr Graham’s first admission observations and the observations collected after his re-admission from CCU. Based on the current assessment, what are your nerd steps? (2 our.)Question Id. (app.. 200 words) Using the ISBAR framework, outline how you would report your findings to Mr Grahams dcdtor and request a rapid review. IS marl.)Question le (opp…100 words) The frosting medical intern Indicates they will review Mr Graham within the nest 10 minutes, however, has asked you to admin.. Glucose Ge115.g. Provide a summary. the correct prams when receiving a phone order for a medication.6,7) DashboardESS(LS Mar.)


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