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ASSESSMENT 3: PART A = 25% Industry Vignettes (mini case studies)  Each vignette requires or you need to present. Vignette 1. You need to identify which support your decision as to which process (recruitment or selection) is most important. Vignette 2. Describe how you would proceed with undertaking this employment activity, identifying you would undertake. Make a brief heading for each of the reasons or activities in the word document so that I can follow your reasoning. Introduction (one ‘small’ paragraph) Hospitality industry consists with service providing hotels whose customers are attracted because of their good reputation and better services of hotels. There are many job roles in hospitality industry which makes the hotel more frequent to satisfy their customer’s needs and wants (Gursoy, 2019). Intercontinental Hotels Group plc is founded on 2003 by Patrick and Cescau and Keith Barr. It is headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, and UK. The following report covers Past and present employment experience, Past and present work experience, job description and requirements, personal strength, weakness, future professional development opportunities and industry personal requirements. Final Thoughts (one ‘small’ paragraph of any issues other matters you want to note).   ASSESSMENT 3: PART B = 25% Professional Awareness & Identify PAST and PRESENT EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE  I am presently working with Premier Inn hotel as an assistant marketing manager. Here, I have learned all the requirements of hotels from a marketing manager. I work under senior marketing manager and I help him in decision making process by suggesting some good ideas. I also learned some additional skills like analysing industry trends, how to reach to targeted customers and many more which help me to develop my professional skills(Filimonau and Delysia, 2019). I gain a good experience over there. Before Premier Inn hotel, I worked in Rosewood Hotel London, where I am at the position of supervisor of marketing as well as HR department. Here, my job roll is to check whether all workers in these two departments are working properly or not and in case they are lacking behind to corporate with other members or with other activities at hotel then my responsibility is to identify the factors which acts as obstacles and eliminate them to increase the performance of employees. Here, also I gain a good working experience but the reason to resign from that hotel is that there is no scope of personal and professional development. I worked there for at least 3 years and there is no promotion for last 3 years. Hence, I resign and choose Premier Inn hotel for my further career experience. PAST and PRESENT WORK/EDUCATIONAL QUALILFICATIONS/ACHIEVEMENTS  Presently, I am post graduated from MBA degree with HR field and I have done my graduation in BBA from marketing field with reputed university of London. I have been always excitement for Hospitality industry. Hence I adopt Hotel Management course after completing my MBA. I have been awarded by best student of the year in discipline category in the year 2017. Due to my achievement my college authority chooses me to represent my school at international level debate and quiz competition because I have represented my schools and previous colleges in debate and quiz competitions. I worked well and help the college to become at the top in debate and quiz competition(Köseoglu and et. al., 2019). I have qualified by above 80% in my all fields of education. I have done some additional courses through online mode like Industrial International Relations and Types of Services in Hospitality Industry. I achieve certificate with A++ grade. In future if I get any other opportunity of learning new courses in hospitality industry then I will never missed that. Hence, I coordinate well with all trainers who train me and help me to learn new skills while at workplace. FUTURE EMPLOYMENT: JOB IDENTIFICATION & REQUIREMENTS JOB DESCRIPTION Job title– Marketing Manager Job Summary– It is expected from marketing manager analyse growth opportunities for the hotel and communicate and coordinate well with other departments. Job Responsibility– To analyse new trends in marketing for hotel.To analyse new services for hotel to satisfy their customers.To promote business well to attract more customers.To collect information about competitors strategy and their impact on business and pass the report to senior authority.To handle all employees and activities in marketing department. Requirements of the job- Qualification– Candidate must be passed with 75 and above percentage in MBA (marketing)Experience– It is required to have 3-4 year experience of marketing employee in a reputed company. JOB DESCRIPTION Job title– HR assistant Manager Job Summary– It is expected from HR assistant manager to help HR manager in their activities and suggest some good ideas to promote good working environment in organisation.  Job Responsibility– To promote good working environment in hotel.To represent employees problems in front of HR and suggest solutions as well. To handle HR managers responsibilities in case of absence of HR manager.To measure the performance of employees and motivate low performed employees. Requirements of the job- Qualification– Candidate must be passed with 70 and above percentage in MBA (HR).Experience– It is required to have 2-3 year experience of HR employee in a reputed company.  PERSONAL STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES  Strengths- I have developed many skills as I know that for my future the development of skills is very important and essential. For my future job which I want to go and develop the experience are the marketing manager and the Hr assistant manager(Sthapit and Jimenez-Barreto, 2018). For both these job requirement certain skills are required. For the marketing manager I acquire the skill of Critical thinking which is required in the field of marketing because managers have to identify various needs and demand of the consumers and for this it is important to have the skill of critical thinking. Also, Creativity is very essential which I have developed over the course of time. For the Hr I have good communication skills as I have to communicate with various departments and also have good way of making the decisions which will work for the organisation. Weakness- But for such responsible duties I have to develop the level of confidence which is lacking in me as I am not able to handle the situations which might be challenging. My confidence fades away whenever I face this situation(Morgan and Pritchard, 2019). Also the analytical skills which are required to become the marketing manager is also lacking in me which I am trying to work more and have started practising. FUTURE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – OPPORTUNITIES For developing my skills for the career I am thinking to take the job experience in some company which will be helpful in me for my career. I am preparing my mind to take the master degree in marketing management from Loughborough University London as this would be helpful for me in my career and will prepare me to be the best when I will start doing my job. This is because masters degree will help me to get more information about human resource  management and I would then tackle the situation accordingly(Luizova-Horeva, 2018). Not just this, for my marketing I am not having any knowledge regarding the analytical skills for which I am preparing myself with the help of reading articles and with different problems which might come to me when I become the marketing manager. My analytical skills and budgeting skills both are lacking which is important in both the Hr manager and in Marketing manager and I am working hard for it.   INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS I am working in Premier Inn hotels and this hotel wants to become the member of British Hospitality industry and Tourism Industry council. These are the government organizations which work for improving the tourisms and hospitality industry of the country. By admitting in such big organizations the hotel will be benefitted and different experience will be given to them (Law, 2019). The organisations act as a link between the ministers and the industry and when the hotel in which I am working will become the member of they will have enough benefit for becoming ethically and legally better. Because government organisations helps in making and preparing the ethical standards if used by the hotels then the hotel can become successful.  CONCLUSION From the above report it can be concluded that hospitality is the relationship between the guests and the owner which needs to built in good and friendly relation. When good hospitality is provided to the guests then it helps in bringing more customers to the hotel as the existing ones recommend it to others. Good hospitality develops good and positive environment inside the place also which make the experience in the hotel to be the best for the guest.   References Books and Journals Filimonau, V. and Delysia, A., 2019. Food waste management in hospitality operations: A critical review. Tourism management. 71. pp.234-245. Gursoy, D., 2019. A critical review of determinants of information search behavior and utilization of online reviews in decision making process (invited paper for ‘luminaries’ special issue of International Journal of Hospitality Management). International Journal of Hospitality Management. 76. pp.53-60. Köseoglu, M.A., and et. al., 2019. Intellectual structure of strategic management research in the hospitality management field: A co-citation analysis. International Journal of Hospitality Management. 78. pp.234-250. Law, R., 2019. Evaluation of hotel websites: Progress and future developments (invited paper for ‘luminaries’ special issue of International Journal of Hospitality Management). International Journal of Hospitality Management. 76. pp.2-9. Luizova-Horeva, T., 2018. The Commercial Transaction Frame and English and Bulgarian Terms Denoting Prices in Tourism and Hospitality. Analele Universităţii din Craiova. Seria Ştiinţe Filologice. Lingvistică, (1-2), pp.318-329. Morgan, N. and Pritchard, A., 2019. Gender Matters in Hospitality (invited paper for ‘luminaries’ special issue of International Journal of Hospitality Management). International Journal of Hospitality Management. 76. pp.38-44. Sthapit, E. and Jimenez-Barreto, J., 2018. Exploring tourists’ memorable hospitality experiences: An Airbnb perspective. Tourism Management Perspectives. 28. pp.83-92.  


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